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Electronic bill payment

12 additional systems available

Collaboration agreements to expand the range of payment options for our customers (MyBank, CBILL, Jiffy, etc.).

Hera has signed various collaboration agreements with major banking and financial institutions (Axepta, Unicredit, CBILL, MyBank, Jiffy, Amazon, Poste Italiane, Intesa Sanpaolo, SIA, Masterpass) to develop services, which significantly simplify the payment process and relative business activities management.

Under the agreement with Unicredit, six million dedicated “virtual” Iban have been generated which Hera, the first Italian company to do so on a large scale, has made available to the customer through communication on a bill or invoice. The customer can therefore make a payment from their own internet banking account, conveniently without a file, and automatically receive an unequivocal acknowledgement of the payment.

In addition to the “virtual” Iban system, Hera is developing further “smart and mobile” payment methods for its customers, such as digital wallets, making transactions increasingly more simple, immediate and intuitive.

Specifically, MyBank makes it possible to make irrevocable on-line bank transfers in a safe and easy manner, using the internet banking service of the customer’s own bank. The service guarantees real-time confirmation of the completed payment and speeding up of the reconciliation processes, which are 100% automatic, further reducing the risk of fraud.

Instead, the CBILL service, through an innovative and evolved approach, multibank and multichannel, allows the customer to make payments via their own internet banking service, as well as by mobile phone, ATM and point of sale, ensuring security to the payer, real time reporting as well as complete and integrated coverage of the entire bill payment process, from its issue to the notice of reconciliation.

Using the MyHera app or the online service of the Group, customers can also pay bills easily by entering their own mobile phone number using Jiffy (Bancomat Pay), without having to enter the number of their credit card or current account.

Lastly, digital wallets such as Amazon Pay (customer payment of a bill using their Amazon account), Masterpass, Paga con Postepay, Apple Pay, simplify payments by Smartphone or desktop, through a user experience, which is extremely quick and easy. Digital wallets therefore represent payment channels, which are particularly innovative, and offered at no cost to the customer, in addition to traditional methods of payment by means of major credit card networks (Visa, Mastercard and Maestro)

The initiative is part of the broader process of digitalising infrastructures and services that the Hera Group began some time ago, with the aim, among others, of identifying and meeting the needs of an increasingly "connected" and demanding public. A path in full compliance with the European Union strategy to create a single digital market consisting of three policy pillars: improving access to online goods and services for consumers and businesses, creating an environment where digital networks and services can prosper and maximising the growth potential of the digital economy.

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