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Customer experience

160 downloads of the My Hera app (as of June 2019)

New channels to improve and complete the digital experience of residents, such as the online services portal and the MyHera app, which make it possible for customers to manage their own supplies and communicate with Hera.

The activities related to the customer experience project are coming to completion, activities whose aim is to close the gap between the service provided by the Hera Group and customer expectations.

Thanks to this project, the customer has new channels at their disposal to improve and complete the digital experience, for example the online services portal, the app and social networks. Customer experience also improved through the touch points of the physical channels, the functional redesign of the help desks, the introduction of the digital signature, the Alert service (bill issued, self-reading deadlines, appointment reminder) and the Tracking function for requests made (via sms, email and notifications on apps and on-line services) for an increasing number of processes (switch, new contract, variation of power and capacity).

Lastly, the Hera angel service was launched, a reminder developed to support change of address management, an improved queue management system with the introduction of room and desk displays and the possibility for customers to book appointments with help desks through call centres, online services and the My Hera app.

Area: All provinces