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Re-use of purified water

500 thousand cubic metres of recovered water

In 2018, 500 thousand cubic metres of outlet water from the Bologna treatment station was recovered as a result of the first agreement concluded with Local Authorities.

The Emilia-Romagna Regional Government, Hera, Consorzio della Bonifica Renana, Atersir and Arpae signed a three-year environmental agreement plan in March 2018 to launch an experiment which, through modulated management of waste water recovered from the Bologna treatment plant will guarantee the maintenance of a basic water flow, in all hydrological conditions, into the abandoned Navile and Savena canals. The experiment, in addition to the primary objective of safeguarding the water bodies of the local area, follows the principal of water re-use and the fundamentals of the circular economy. The agreement includes the possibility of withdrawal, on the part of the consortium, of approximately 2,160 m3/H, equal to approximately 40% of the flow treated during the summer period. From August 2018 to now, the recovered flow of treated water is over 500 thousand m3/H. The municipalities of Sassuolo, Savignano and Modena are involved in similar projects. Hera is also a participant in a Por-Fers project (Enea leader) for the application of smart systems used for monitoring the quality of water intended for re-use (Cesena treatment station).

Area: province of Bologna