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Wastewater treatment 4.0 at Modena

10% reduction in energy consumption
5.5% improvement in the quality of outlet water from the plant

The Modena treatment station, as a result of the collaboration with Energy Way, has been equipped with a cutting-edge system, the only one in Italy, which uses predictive logic to further contain energy consumption and improve the quality of outlet water.

The project, carried out at the Modena treatment station with the support of Energy Way, involves the development of a control system based on Model Predictive Control logic (MPC) and artificial intelligence to improve oxygen supply in the aeration basins. The project has the following objectives:

  • improve the performance of overall nitrogen abatement in observance of legal limits;
  • optimise oxygen supply to the aerobic tank;
  • minimise energy costs of the blowers, which supply air.

The project also involves the development of a dynamic baseline aimed at predicting energy consumption, useful for quantifying the real performance of the process and the development of multivariable and real-time energy and production performance indicators (Kpi), aimed at improving control over the actual performance of the treatment plant.

The tests have produced positive results. On the line where the control system is present, the Modena treatment plant, which has a capacity able to meet the needs of 500,000 inhabitants, recorded a 10% fall in usable energy for the oxidation process compared to that of a similar situation with a traditional control system. There was also a further 5.5% reduction in the presence of nitrogen in the water leaving the plant (this parameter was already below the legal limits).

Area: province of Modena