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Hera firmly believes that the ability to satisfy customers and the growth of a company depend closely on the cohesion between workers and that listening and involvement represent a key instrument for improving workers’ motivation and satisfaction.
For this reason, the Group undertakes to enhance and develop skills (through specific development programmes and the Internal Mobility tool), and to promote cooperation and the exchange of knowledge so that an employee’s job is a source of satisfaction and pride, and a significant factor in the company’s success.
Hera intends to ensure a working environment where not only can each person collaborate through an expression of their professional attitude, but where they can take on responsibility and shared rules are observed and promoted (the Leadership Model to grow the individual and the Group) and recognises, to this end, the importance of training as a crucial factor for increasing the value of the company.

Hera had a workforce of 8,777 staff as at 31 December. On average, almost the 96% of workers is on a permanent contract . In the last 3 years, 973 people were hired on permanent contracts, 111 of which in 2018 alone.

Main dialogue and consultation initiatives:


Cohesion and collaboration between workers and the various organizational structures are crucial, according to Hera, both for the company's ability to satisfy customers and to grow on the market.

Improve the motivation and satisfaction of workers depends on listening and their involvement: for this reason, the Group is committed to enhancing and developing the skills of workers (with specific programs and the internal mobility tool) and promotes cooperation and exchange of knowledge, so that work is a source of satisfaction and pride, as well as a factor of business success.

Hera is committed to guaranteeing a work environment where it is possible to collaborate and express professional attitudes, in the awareness of their responsibilities and of the fact that the shared rules are respected and promoted (according to the model of Leadership to make the individual and the Group grow)..

To this end, the Group recognizes the importance of training as an indispensable factor for increasing the value of the company.

Also in 2018, a series of initiatives were carried out, some of which continued with previous years, such as HEXTRA, the Hera Group welfare plan.

In 2018 the experience of HEXTRA continued, the Hera Group's welfare system full of initiatives and services tailored to meet the needs of workers and increase their individual and family well-being from an economic and social point of view. Each employee was assigned the flexible welfare share of 385 euros to be spent on the entire HEXTRA proposal.

2018 was the year of the third edition of HeraSolidale, the Group’s solidarity project that supports charity associations throughout the local area. The high level of participation by employees in this edition, which is still ongoing, has already made it possible to increase memberships, increase the social impact of the project and contribute to the 2030 UN Agenda priorities. A new, important aspect in 2018 was the extension of the project to customers, in order to achieve a common goal of solidarity of even greater significance.


  • Over 7,000 employees involved in the 19 yearly meetings that the Executive Chairman and Managing Director held between May and June in Hera Group’s local areas to illustrate the business plan and development prospects
  • Code of Ethics training: in 2018, training on the Code of Ethics in day-to-day management continued, now in its sixth edition, involving 25 individuals
  • Herasolidale: the third edition was launched in 2018; all employees were involved in choosing 5 out of the 15 non-profit organisations selected
  • Heureka+: 3 new challenges and 39 ideas submitted by workers in 2018 for the project dedicated to Group employees’ ideas for innovation

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