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Local communities

Comunità locale

Hera intends to take stock of the needs of the area in which it is operational. This commitment translates into listening, involvement and partnership with stakeholders in the local community, mainly on aspects linked to the Group's core businesses (environment, energy and water), in an intense communication activity on environmental topics, and in numerous awareness initiatives in schools with the main consumer, trade and environmental organisations.

Short for Local Advisory Board, LABs are the tool that Hera provides to the areas in which it operates as structured channels for listening to and discussing with local communities. Launched experimentally in 2013 in the Ravenna and Imola-Faenza areas, the project was extended, in 2014, to Rimini, Ferrara and Bologna and in 2015 to the Modena area. The LAB activities of Imola-Faenza, Ferrara, Rimini and Bologna were completed in 2017. Considering the 6 LABs, as at 31 December 2017, a total of 83 meetings were organised (equal to over 1,700 hours of listening) and 69 members planned and proposed to Hera 48 new projects, 40 of which have already been developed. Specifically, in 2017, 10 ordinary meetings were held, besides 4 in-depth discussion meetings on district heating, Tre Monti landfill, vulnerable users and water cycle management.

Proximity to the public and respect for the environment also guide the sponsorships, which represent another way of working together with the local community. In 2017 the Hera Group contributed to over Euro 2 million of sponsorships that in various fields contributed to enrich the content and the initiatives of the local communities. In fact, of the total of sponsorships, 98% was allocated to the local area.

Donations are a further opportunity for supporting the area, an action in which Hera Group actively supports the weakest social categories. In 2017, the Group donated over Euro 361,000, 74% of which to the local area. About 81% of donations are for cultural and social purposes.

Hera's involvement and collaboration with parties in local communities also incorporates topics such as the transparency of its activities in relation to the communities in which they take place, the promotion of employment and advocacy of the disadvantaged both within and outside of the Group, and the promotion of direct dialogue with customers and their representatives.


Main dialogue and consultation initiatives:

  • 14 meetings held in 2017 in the 6 active Labs: 66 representatives from the various stakeholder categories took part in them
  • 250 participants in the convention held in Bologna on 6 June 2017 to present the 2016 Sustainability Report
  • 241 guided tours in 2017 of Herambiente plants with over 3,948 visitors, 2,439 of which were students

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