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HeraLAB, Local Advisory Board

LAB, stands for Local Advisory Board, but also for "LABoratorio" for the local area. A LAB is a local multi-stakeholder advisory board, set up in each of the territorial areas Hera serves.

LABs are tasked with drawing up an annual proposal of innovative and feasible ideas, to be implemented in collaboration with other stakeholders, to promote and improve the sustainability of the services Hera provides , creating shared value for the area.

In 2018, the new HeraLab model was launched in the areas of Ravenna and Ferrara, and defined on the basis of the experience started in 2013. The new model is simpler and focuses more on innovation in the services managed by Hera. Meetings are organised over one year instead of three and more space is given to listening to stakeholders. Made up of 12 local stakeholder representatives, the members of the new LABs appointed by the Hera Board of Directors in November 2017 met 5 times in each single area during 2018.


Page updated 18 June 2019

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