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The Hera Group is one of the major multi-utility companies in Italy: it offers the sustainable management of several services to 4.4 million citizens in 349 municipalities spread over 5 Italian regions (Emilia-Romagna, Veneto, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Marche and Tuscany).
Hera provides energy (distribution and sale of gas and electricity), water (water systems, sewage and treatment) and waste management (collection and disposal) services to citizens and enterprises.
In 2018, the Hera Group's services were used by over 100,000 companies for which fast track channels were created.
In the area of deregulated services, Hera sold gas and electricity to 2.4 million customers across many regions of Italy.

The results achieved in terms of growth in the number of gas and electricity customers were the result of a number of actions and initiatives launched and implemented in 2018:

  • expanding the portfolio of offers and solutions to support efficient energy use;
  • development and training of our sales network;
  • attention to improving service levels;
  • analysis of the market in terms of both the evolution of customer needs and in terms of attention to competitors;
  • the continuous monitoring of the territory, also by opening three new stores in three different regions (Friuli, Lombardy and Marche);
  • the development of digital channels, achieved by updating our online services and launching the new My Hera app;
  • the launch of innovative initiatives such as the Digi e Lode project, which promotes digital channels and services and concretely supports the development of the local area;
  • targeted acquisition operations that enable synergies, and sharing of best practices.

Main dialogue and consultation initiatives:

  • Yearly residential customer satisfaction survey: 6,500 interviews to Group customers
  • Conciliation (ADR - Alternative Dispute Resolution): over 227 requests for conciliation by customers
  • 855 cases managed through the direct contact channel with consumers’ associations
  • 14 meetings in 2018 with the concerned associations, in the seven areas in which Hera operates.

Page updated 23 May 2019

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