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Hera's significant commitment to developing stakeholder engagement initiatives is integrated with the day-to-day work of the organizational units that manage relations with the various stakeholders of the Company.

In these daily activities of listening, dialogue and consultation, the needs and expectations expressed by the stakeholders are used to define improvement projects, according to objectives and priority themes reported by each category.

Hera intends to involve stakeholders and make them protagonists of this path, because collaboration between business and territory is a company heritage in defining new horizons ofsustainability and social responsibility.

In 2018, the aspects that had a greater relevance both for the Group and for the stakeholders were:

  • for customers, attention to users in economic difficulty, energy efficiency and energy savings, innovation, security and reliability of the gas service, presence of branches, on-line services;
  • for workers, wages and incentives, internal communication, professional development;
  • for the environment and future generations, circular economy, sustainable management of water resources,environmental impacts of plants (new and existing), separate collection and prevention of waste, quality and costs of the waste collection service and urban decorum;
  • for suppliers, local development of the territory and selection methods.

Some themes have been translated into solicitations for the initiation or extension of initiatives, including:

  • 85 agreements with the Municipalities to prevent the suspension of supply to customers in difficulty;
  • the participation of 820 Group employees in the HeraSolidale project;
  • 98 HeraLab meetings were held and 44 initiatives proposed and approved by Hera were implemented.
  • Corporate community on the themes of digital innovation;
  • the Customer experience project launched in 2015, which involves customers and workers, through the analysis of the customer's various touch points and customer journeys, and which enabled the identification of projects to improve the experience, with the aim of reducing the gap between service provided and that expected;
  • the environmental education projects of the Hera Group, which involved over 106 thousand students;
  • confirmation of the social clauses safeguarding employment and limiting the percentage of discount.

The meetings (19) to illustrate the Group's business plan involved 7,000 workers between May and June.

There were 1,750 meetings organized by the area managers with the mayors and 2,624 requests received from the Municipalities of the territorial areas served.

Hera constantly monitors the press review at local level in relation to all the Group's activities and with respect to the main sustainability initiatives undertaken.


Page updated 23 July 2019

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