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Hera's stakeholders

Hera’s stakeholders

For an industrial group with the characteristics of Hera, it is essential to take into account the needs and demands of all stakeholders which often may not be in agreement.

A management approach that encourages corporate social responsibility and sustainability entails taking into account all legitimate demands of the various categories of stakeholders, balancing these demands and integrating them into the company strategies.

From a survey of corporate stakeholders, a map of corporate stakeholders was defined and the following were identified for each category identified:

  • composition and presence of objectives of particular interest;
  • topics considered to be a priority;
  • listening, dialogue and consultation activities carried out during the year.

Dialogue and consultation initiatives

Hera’s significant commitment to involving stakeholders is by now part of the operational structure of the departments that deal with the relations with various stakeholders.

The continuation of the six Local Advisory Boards (HeraLABs) and the start in 2017, following the end of their mandate, of two new HeraLABs in Ravenna and Ferrara according to a new relationship model, the internal climate survey withits related improvement actions and the customer satisfaction surveys on all types of customers are actions and projects that have led to a solid, preferential communication channel with the local community and main stakeholders, and have become normal analysis methods that allow us to identify areas for improvement. The results of these activities are assessed by Top Management.


Human Rights

Hera is committed to respecting internationally recognised Human rights wherever the Group operates, in line with the indications given by the United Nations.

Human rights are inalienable rights owned by all people and they represent an essential part of a correct and responsible business. Hera considers human rights also inside its Code of ethics, which sets the requirements for its own operations and its suppliers.

Page updated 18 May 2020

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