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advantageous bid method
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At the end of 2018, the companies supplying goods, services, professional activities and work to the Hera Group included in the pool numbered 5,110. The presence of a single list of qualified suppliers for the entire Group is an opportunity for suppliers to expand business for all goods/services categories associated with them. It is hereby specified that most suppliers are included in the pool of suppliers in several goods/services categories.

The data provided in this section, unless otherwise indicated, refers to the companies Hera Spa, AcegasApsAmga, AcegasApsAmga Servizi Energetici, Hera Luce, Herambiente, Fea, Herambiente Servizi Industriali, Hestambiente, Hera Comm, Inrete Distribuzione Energia, HERAtech and Uniflotte; intercompany purchases are excluded.

With regard to Marche Multiservizi, a process for complete compliance with the Group procurement policy is underway and will conclude during 2019. Accordingly, certain information does not include Marche Multiservizi.

Pool of suppliers
No. 2016 2017 2018
Goods 2,532 2,331 2,431
Services 3,599 3,359 3,662
Job orders 879 819 890
Total 5,139 4,765 5,110
of which suppliers who received at least one order during the year 3,076 2,935 3,250

The table provides a breakdown of suppliers by goods/service class. Some suppliers may belong to more than one class and, consequently, the sum of the individual items does not tally with the total number of suppliers. Excluding Marche Multiservizi.

More than 60% of the total suppliers on the list are qualified for the supply of services and work, while more than 63% (around 3,250 suppliers) had at least one contract active in 2018.

The main activities outsourced by the Hera Group within the sphere of waste management services concern the refuse collection services using rear-loading or small-load compactors, the door-to-door refuse collection service, street cleaning and washing (manual and mechanised), the cleaning of street refuse skips and the management of the Separate waste collection centres. With regard to the grid services, the company mainly resorts to outside suppliers for the activities concerning highly specialised maintenance, plant engineering activities and meter services (readings, closures, initialisations, etc.). Furthermore, facility management (global service), call centre, commercial and contact activities are outsourced.

In terms of economic value, in 2018 Hera commissioned purchases for Euro 911.8 million, of which over Euro 12 million for purchases in other European nations outside Italy.

The impacts generated by the supply chain of the Hera Group mainly concern the observance of the health and safety in the workplace standards, the social sustainability aspects and the environmental impacts of the outsourced activities.