the induced employment generated
by Hera in 2018
million euro
for innovation and digitalisation,
22 projects in smart city, circular
economy and data analytics
reused soil
in projects implemented in 2018

In order to globally assess Hera Group’s social repercussions on Italy, however, we should also take into account the employment at our suppliers who supply goods, various services or support certain stages of the company process.

Lead-on employment can be estimated as the portion of the workforce of the suppliers which carries out activities on behalf of the Hera Group. In 2018, lead-on employment generated an estimated 8,120 jobs of which over 2,836 in Emilia, 1,956 Romagna, 1,004 in Triveneto, 548 in Marche and 1,776 in other areas.

This figure was obtained by analysing the financial statements of the Group’s leading suppliers which cover 80% of the volume purchased in 2018. In order to estimate the lead-on employment generated, the ratio between the value commissioned by Hera and the total sales turnover of the supplier was considered; this percentage was multiplied by the number of total employees declared in the suppliers’ financial statements.