The relationship with the Area Authority for water and waste services

The Water and Waste Services Regulator for Emilia-Romagna (ATERSIR) was founded by Regional Law 23/2011 and has regional competence since it has incorporated the previous provincial Water and Waste Regulatory Authorities. It deals with the governance of the water service and the municipal waste management services, with functions of service and investment planning, governance and control of the management, and management of activities that are inherent to the award of the water and municipal waste services.

As regards the water service, ATERSIR operates with second level functions as a result of the transfer to the Italian Regularity Authority for Energy, Networks and the Environment (ARERA) of regulatory and supervisory functions which occurred at the end of 2011, with Legislative Decree 201/11.

Starting in 2018, ATERSIR operates with second level functions also for the waste service, following the establishment of ARERA.

ATERSIR is also in charge of determining the tariff for the disposal of non-separate municipal waste according to the tariff method provided for by regional legislation.