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advantageous bid method
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The Vendor Management system

Since 2012 the vendor management system has represented the model for the self-registration and qualification of the suppliers and addresses all the companies interested in spontaneously proposing themselves in the Hera Group suppliers list, for any commodities category. Via the portal, the Group’s suppliers can avail themselves of a number of tangible benefits in terms of transparency, opportunity, competitiveness and integrity of the data.

Within the qualification area of the supplier portal, the companies can access the procurement product categories, making it possible to use the following services:

  • independently update the profiles of interest, putting oneself forward for any new commodity groups within the accredited suppliers system;
  • keep ones details up-to-date independently, as well as the schedule of the supplier qualification documents;
  • check one’s qualification and periodic assessment status;
  • gain the possibility of being called more frequently to present bids;
  • gain the possibility of receiving information relating to the awarding of a contract;
  • being updated on the Group’s initiatives of economic interest.

Inclusion in the Hera supplier qualification system is handled on-line by means of the e-procurement platform, which also represents a useful communication instrument between the Group and the suppliers. This platform envisages an annual membership fee in keeping with the number of commodity sub-categories of good groups which the supplier shows interest in, which varies from Euro 50 to 250. Having extended this instrument to public tenders as well as from 2011, the Hera Group confirms it as a best practice at Italian level in the use of evolved tools in the e-commerce sphere.

During 2018, Hera traded over 99% of the total volumes on the e-procurement platform. When using this platform, the suppliers are supported by a dedicated help desk service. In 2018, there were 13,304 requests for information received, all sorted out in the timescales envisaged by company procedures.

Another important aspect of the Vendor Management system is the monitoring of the companies who jointly take part in the performance of the contracts for the Hera Group in the role of sub-contractors, consortium executors or principals in temporary joint ventures. By means of the reporting generated by the monitoring activities, it is possible to improve the governance of the purchases, as well as extend the mechanisms for valuation and control envisaged by the Group procedures to all the companies involved in the execution of the tender, overseeing the entire chain of the economic parties involved in the service for various reasons.

A process for the up-dating of the qualification documentation of all the suppliers continued during 2017 and the first half of 2018, further to the publication of the New Tender Code (Italian Legislative Decree No. 50/2016) and the subsequent adaptations introduced by Italian Legislative Decree No. 56/2017.

In September 2018, within the sphere of the process innovation projects, the new supplier qualification portal was inaugurated, with the purpose of simplifying the qualification process, the up-dating of the data and the usability of the information, guiding the uploading of the data to be input in the system. The new portal, permitting direct access for the supplier to each of the individual questions of the qualification document, considerably reduces both the data input timescales for initial qualification and the timescales for updating the data in the event of changes. The response to the supplier pool was positive: at the end of December 2018 already 35% of the supplier pool requalified themselves via the new portal.

During 2018, Marche Multiservizi continued the process for the adoption of the platform for the qualification, selection and assessment of the Group suppliers, which will conclude in 2019. Furthermore, in November 2018 it managed the first tender using the Group e-procurement platform.

As from the last few months of 2017, an automatic and traceable system was introduced for the alternation of the invitations to the suppliers to participate in private tenders which, basing itself on a series of parameters including the number of invitations received, their distribution over time and the Vendor Rating score, further guarantees the supplier selection process and the rotation of the same, with the utmost transparency and on a consistent basis with the Hera Group Guidelines. In the same way, this system permits greater communication between the suppliers and the company and absolute exactitude in the documental management.

For the purpose of increasing the rate of participation of the suppliers in the tenders, the rotation system will be integrated, during 2019, with the new supplier qualification portal so as to assimilate within the rotation also the desire of the suppliers to operate solely in specific geographic areas, as specified by said suppliers in the qualification document. By means of this integration, it can be avoided that the automatic rotation system selects by means of invitation in a specific geographic area suppliers who do not desire to work in the same.