value of public tenders
awarded by adopting the
economically most advantageous
bid method
of total tenders
with the economically most
advantageous bid method
average score
assigned to sustainability
in tender awards

Supplier relations

During 2018, Hera participated in a number of meetings with the main trade associations, such as for example “Romagna Business Matching” organised by Confindustria Romagna and Confindustria Forlì-Cesena. This meeting was an important occasion for discussion and reflection with regard to the changed legislative scenario with the introduction of the new tender code and subsequent corrective decree and the ANAC guidelines, with policies and interpretative levels still in the adjustment phase. With a view to this, the desire of Hera to build a solid relationship with its suppliers was further reaffirmed, marked by the utmost transparency, making information the mainstay of the relationship with the Vendors. The new IT model for the alternation of suppliers was also illustrated at this juncture (see section “Qualification, selection and assessment of suppliers”).

In conclusion, as usual, at the end of the year the customary meetings were held with representatives of social cooperatives working in the areas served by the Hera Group, to discuss the 2018 results. On the basis of the analysis of the data collected, the work group active in the meetings confirmed the validity of the procedures defined for monitoring. The encounters also pertained to the ways to promote employment projects, illustrated in the section “Economic development and social inclusion”.

Litigation with suppliers

The number of disputes fell: at the end of 2018, there were 36 disputes pending with the suppliers, compared with 40 at the end of 2017. The proceedings activated in 2018 came to 22 and mainly concerned tender aspects.