compliance with quality standards
set by the Authority for four services
minutes average waiting time
at help desks and chance to book
an appointment with an operator
thousand analyses
carried out on Group drinking water,
1,100 per day, of which 63% on the
distribution network



Energy services customers
Thousands 2016 2017 2018
Gas customers 1,381.4 1,400.0 1,462.5
Electricity customers 880.1 981.3 1,068.7
District heating customers 11.9 12.2 12.2


Integrated water service customers
Thousands 2016 2017 2018
Total customers 1,453.9 1,458.6 1,463.5


Municipal waste management services
  2016 2017 2018
Municipalities served (qty) 188 187 174
Residents served (thousands) 3,311 3,313 3,136


In 2018, the Hera Group again recorded an increase in its total number of customers. This result confirms the effectiveness of the growth strategy it adopted, i.e. the combined action of effective commercial initiatives and targeted corporate acquisitions.

The increase of over 60,000 gas customers (+4.5%) was achieved thanks to a number of initiatives: commercial activity, the acquisition of successful businesses that apply the same values as the Hera Group uses in their approach to final customers, the enhancement of the experience in last resort markets (last resort supply and default service). As for the electricity service, the increase of over 85,000 customers (+8.9%) was achieved thanks to the excellent sales results for all customer segments. In 2018, two companies active in energy sales in the Marche and Abruzzo regions joined the Hera Group: Blu Ranton and Sangro Servizi. The reduction in the number of municipalities served and their inhabitants for municipal waste management is due to some municipalities of the Forlì area exiting the perimeter.