compliance with quality standards
set by the Authority for four services
minutes average waiting time
at help desks and chance to book
an appointment with an operator
thousand analyses
carried out on Group drinking water,
1,100 per day, of which 63% on the
distribution network

The branch offices

The average waiting time at branches has improved compared to 2017 both at Group level and in each individual company.

Average waiting times at branch offices
Min 2016 2017 2018
Hera 10.4 9.7 8.2
AcegasApsAmga 21.8 16.0 12.3
Amga Energia&Servizi 9.3 7.7
Marche Multiservizi 14.6 12.5 9.4
Weighted average on contacts 12.3 10.6 9.6
Number of contacts 747,964 764,640 915,921


The performance of the Group’s branches improved throughout its service area, also with respect to the improvement objectives we had set. The higher number of customers compared to 2017, throughout our service area, did not have a negative impact on the results obtained.

Throughout the various territorial areas the excellent performance achieved in 2018 was positively influenced by the following activities and projects:

  • Emilia-Romagna Area: introduction of biometric digital signing, implementation of the POS payment system and the expansion of the self-service booking project for the contact points within time slots that allows customers to book in advance their visit to the branch office by choosing the day and time among those available;
  • Triveneto Area: a communication methods innovation process has been initiated to develop a new language that focuses on the simplicity and immediacy of the relationship, to ensure maximum understanding and clarity in the relationship with our customers. In 2019 the booking slots will be extended (through call centres, online services and reception) to tickets for the Trieste and Padua branch offices so as to allow easier access for customers who request it;
  • Marche area: total renewal of all 12 branch offices and waiting times at main branch offices are monitored by an electronic queue management system, supervised by staff dedicated to the commercial reception.

The results achieved by Hera Comm, which manages the majority of the branches (75 out of 116), have improved on forecasts both in terms of average waiting time (8.2 minutes) and in terms of satisfaction among final customers, which was stable at 88.1 points (+3.7 points compared to 2017). Considering only Hera Comm, 3.8% of customers waited at branch offices for over 40 minutes (was 3.4% in 2017). The number of branch offices managed by Hera Comm in 2018 increased by 3 compared to 2017 (72 in 2017) as a result of closing the Forlimpopoli and San Pietro in Vincoli offices, on the one hand, and the addition of 5 branches of Amga Energia&Servizi on the other.

In total, considering the entire service area of Hera and its subsidiaries AcegasApsAmga, Marche Multiservizi and Estenergy, there are 116 branches. Adding those outside the area, brings the total to 144 branches throughout the country.