employees with permanent contracts
million euro
used by employees with Hextra,
the company’s welfare plan
(with 98.5% of employees adhering)
variable retribution
of middle and senior management
depending on sustainability, 17%
on hsared value


Hextra is a jointly shared and participated programme that was launched in 2016 to fully develop the welfare plan. The programme bears witness to the Group’s constant attention towards its workers as a key factor to achieve its corporate goals and places the Hera Group among the main national companies in the field of corporate welfare and well-being. Welfare has thus become a real lever for the organisation, acting on the work-life balance of the people who work in the Group.

The HEXTRA experience continued in 2018, Hera Group’s welfare system offering a wide range of initiatives and services tailored to meet workers’ needs and to increase individual and family well-being in economic and social terms. A flexible welfare share of Euro 385 was assigned to each employee, to be used for the HEXTRA offer.

This positive experience counted on 8,578 members in 2018, equal to 98.5% of the potential population, with  over Euro 4.2 million used by employees. This result was achieved thanks to clear information and presentation of the services, to the usefulness attributed to each of them and to the positive impact on work-life balance. In fact, following the signature of the renewal of the Group’s collective agreement, all employees were offered the option to convert part of their 2017 performance bonus paid in 2018 into a further welfare quota. This option is convenient also from a tax viewpoint: the entire performance bonus portion converted into welfare (maximum 50%) is not subject to any tax burden, resulting in significant advantages in terms of increased purchasing power for each employee.

Increased purchasing power, easy to use and quick service: a winning combination for a fully comprehensive welfare experience. This can all be achieved digitally, with low environmental impact, both from the office or comfortably from home.

The main HEXTRA initiatives in 2018 included: the second edition of university scholarships offering 40 scholarships worth Euro 750 each; the second edition of the language study courses A summer in the world with interculturalism, which in addition to 10 scholarships worth Euro 2,000 each for summer programmes, also included 2 scholarships worth Euro 7,500 each for an entire school year abroad. The management of the V edition of the summer camps and, in line with the previous year, the allocation of an instruction quota for employees who have school-age children for a total investment of over Euro 536,000. In detail, among all the projects set up to support the education of employee’s children, 3,550 applications were received. Of these, 213 shares were used by employees for crèche services. Ten applications for attending crèches with which the Group has agreements (in Bologna, Cesena and Imola) must be added, for a total of 223 children.

Awareness-raising events promoting healthy diets continued: My Junior Chef, which involved parents and children in amusing labs to learn through play the principles of the food pyramid and prepare a traditional Italian dish together, and the creation of the HEXTRA health education section. An “information desk” providing good advice on nutrition and good eating habits for healthy lifestyles. Lastly, healthy living is possible by making small everyday changes that can have a big impact down the line.             

Also in the area of personal services, a flu vaccination campaign was set up for Group employees, which is part of the 2017-19 National Vaccine Prevention Plan of the Ministry of Health. All employees were able to book their flu vaccine free of charge and, in collaboration with the company doctors, it was also possible to offer them a flu jab service. Furthermore, as part of the activities managed by mobility management, reimbursement of the expenses incurred by all employees or their family members who travel using the regional or interregional public transport service, was included in HEXTRA.

Lastly, once again in 2018, with ‘In Hera energy is Worth More’ users can have access to a promotion for the supply of free market gas and electricity and can benefit directly from the value that all employees, day after day with their jobs, help create with a view to reaching an increasingly shared and participated welfare. A call to action for all employees which also has repercussions on the creation of the Welfare Voucher service. This new product complies with tax legislation and provides all employees with a local map, allowing them to identify with which partner they can carry out their welfare activity among those available: sports, wellness, culture and leisure, and medical check-ups. With just a few clicks and no waiting time, employees can request vouchers and use them at the centre they have chosen. This service was highly appreciated and was undoubtedly one of the HEXTRA services most used by employees.

The development of our welfare plan places us among the leading national welfare and corporate well-being companies, as witnessed by the Top Employers Italy 2019 certification, achieved by the Group for the tenth consecutive year with an overall second place ranking (first place among Italian owned companies). The Group confirms its place as a leading company in terms of working conditions and best practices focused on the development and well-being of its people. Its commitment and constant focus on the ongoing improvement of its strategies in the field of human resources is also recognised.