employees with permanent contracts
million euro
used by employees with Hextra,
the company’s welfare plan
(with 98.5% of employees adhering)
variable retribution
of middle and senior management
depending on sustainability, 17%
on hsared value

Pension funds

The number of employees participating in the pension funds as at December 2018 is 4,826, or 60% of total Group employees. The main contractual pension funds are: Pegaso for employees under the gas-water and electricity national collective labour agreements; Previambiente for employees under the Federambiente national collective labour agreement; and Previndai for managers.

Yield of the main pension funds (balanced sub-fund)
% 2016 2017 2018
Pegaso 3.46% 2.81% -2.00%
Previambiente 3.15% 2.31% -0.75%
Previndai 0.33% 6.50% -5.28%