employees with permanent contracts
million euro
used by employees with Hextra,
the company’s welfare plan
(with 98.5% of employees adhering)
variable retribution
of middle and senior management
depending on sustainability, 17%
on hsared value

HerAcademy: Hera Group’s corporate university

The process continued for consolidating HerAcademy as a University Stakeholder, capable of interacting with all partners of the national education system in order to set up Public Private Partnership projects and to define projects seeking to support innovation processes within the ecosystem of reference.

Specifically, in 2018, the workshop «Climate change: the global scenario and the strategic plans of ecosystems and companies» was organised in Bologna. The workshop aimed at steering considerations and dialogue, through scientific research prospects and long-term trends, on the impacts of climate change. During the workshop, the results of the study “From unlimited development to the new limits of development” produced by Harvard Business Review Italia and The Ruling Companies were presented.

Furthermore, the seventh edition of the university orientation initiative for the children of employees approaching university enrolment was carried out at the University of Bologna with the participation of academic guests and some Group directors.

The fifth edition of the job orientation initiative was also organised to support the children of employees approaching the employment market.

During 2018, the Hera Group participated in the Industry 4.0 Competence Center coordinated by the University of Bologna and aimed at carrying out research, development and technology transfer projects through a partnership between public and private entities, as well as the development of orientation and training activities on innovation. The project led to establishing the BI-REX Consortium which brings together 57 parties including universities, research centres and companies and which relies on ministerial funding and funding by private partners to pursue their goals.

Also as the part of HerAcademy, a memorandum of understanding was signed with H-Farm, the largest European innovation centre, designed to develop a partnership for implementing innovation, digital and circular economy projects especially for students, employees and employees’ children.