employees with permanent contracts
million euro
used by employees with Hextra,
the company’s welfare plan
(with 98.5% of employees adhering)
variable retribution
of middle and senior management
depending on sustainability, 17%
on hsared value

The development process

People are the true asset to achieve differentiation and competitive advantage: the quality and efficiency of both internal processes and results depend on people. Effective personnel management and human capital enhancement is therefore of strategic importance for the Group.

The development process is based on the evaluation of performance and managerial skills. It is applied consistently throughout the company: it involves over 5,000 people including employees, management employees, middle managers and managers. A distinguishing aspect is the dialogue on performance: a “two-way” exchange between manager and employee, where the duty to provide clarity and effectiveness by managers is accompanied by the commitment of each individual to use the feedback as an ongoing learning tool. This increasingly positive experience has led to a growing ability to assess oneself and others, while also showing the desire for reciprocal listening and the request for feedback for individual and professional growth.

In 2018, 5,078 workers were assessed.

Within the development process, the definition of individual development actions is of key importance. Starting from dialogue between managers and their workers, they are defined on the basis of a portfolio of carefully planned and developed initiatives which are subsequently monitored and updated.