total return on stock
compared to original
listing in 2003
million euro
added value distributed
to local stakeholders


Social and environmental communication

Hera Group’s environmental communication in 2018 was based on a simple, direct language, which was close to citizens and tailored to the various communication campaigns, all designed to promote effective separate waste collection practices and to raise awareness on the importance of improving waste collection quality.

The citizens of Modena and Rimini were particularly involved in the campaign to improve the quality of plastic collection, one of the most complex collections due to the wide range of materials included in this type of waste. To eliminate any doubts, the campaign focused on clarifying the concept of what plastic is. The campaign was broadcast on the radio, in the local press, on digital channels and through awareness-raising actions with information points at leading local markets to reach a wide number of citizens.

The quality of collected paper was the experimental communication project implemented in the municipality of Fiorano Modenese. The campaign was organised following a survey involving the citizens of Modena which showed the difficulty in understanding how to dispose of dirty cardboard, especially dirty pizza cartons. Several communication tools were used: panels applied to collection containers, the involvement of target users (pizza-chefs), window stickers for shops and mascots dressed up as pizza cartons who reinforced the message at markets by handing out flyers and meeting people. Furthermore, a separate waste collection guide was delivered to the households of Fiorano Modenese to remind them of correct material separation rules.

In 2018, Hera was also involved in a broad-ranging water campaign.
The campaign was set up following a study on citizens in the area served. Its aim was to understand citizens’ perception of the quality of tap water, the reasons why it is little used as “drinking water” and the most frequent doubts. It was launched on 22 March on the World Water Day, with information points in main town squares, and continued with publications in local newspapers and flyers attached to all citizens’ bills. The highlight of the campaign was the theatrical performance “Volo sull’acqua” (“Flight over water”), written by entomologist and writer Gianumberto Accinelli, and interpreted together with Fabio Volo, to discover the value of water through the long chain that allows it to be collected, become drinkable and be supplied to homes. Seven cities (Bologna, Modena, Ravenna, Rimini, Cesena, Ferrara and Trieste) staged the performance, which light-heartedly and with a touch of laughter addressed the main topics of tap water. It debunked false beliefs and pointed out water’s characteristics and the 5 good reasons to drink it: strict daily checks, the work of professionals who always make sure that tap water is safe and good to drink, not to mention that it is environmentally friendly, because it saves on plastic bottles, it is a local product since withdrawn from sources located in nearby areas, and is cheaper than bottled water.

Hera on the Internet

Hera is continually committed to ensuring effective web communication, which fully meets the transparency expectations of its stakeholders and is in line with the principles of environmental sustainability which has always been in the company’s DNA. The Group website is an important communication tool between the company and citizens, offering a service that is constantly updated and renewed.

Website traffic in 2018 was basically in line with the values of the previous year: an increase in website visits (+2.5%) and single visitors (+0.5%) and a drop in page views (-1.8%). At technological level, the trends of recent years were confirmed with a new increase in traffic from mobile devices, currently at 43.6% (+10.5%).

Website access
Qty 2016 2017 2018
Customers section 129,189 167,697 168,785
Section on Corporate Social Responsibility, sustainability reporting and CSR initiatives 10,443 10,699 10,042
Suppliers section 9,035 9,712 10,000
Investor Relations Section 2,541 3,394 3,799
Other sections 55,896 60,627 65,823
Total average monthly visits 207,104 252,129 258,448
Total page views (monthly) 661,184 766,701 753,087
Total unique visitors (monthly) 130,014 151,485 152,241

Excluding AcegasApsAmga and Marche Multiservizi

What is Hera’s presence on the web?

The Group’s visibility on social media sharply increased in 2018 (+13%). Hera’s presence on the web focuses on blogs, forums and social networks, platforms where the Group listens and responds to the needs of its users and monitors exchanges that are relevant for its reputation. The analysis of over 7,400 posts referring to Hera showed that the global visibility index is growing on blogs and social networks, while it is lower on forums and Youtube; sentiment increased showing positive ratings.

Among the most frequently discussed topics in 2018: waste management services with the strengthening and reorganisation of the waste collection service, water network maintenance, initiatives and sponsorships, the Rifiutologo and My Hera apps, anti-freeze advice for meters, and the presentation of the Sustainability Report.

In 2018, Hera Group’s Twitter account reached 4,762 followers (+105% compared to 2017), with an average of 112 tweets published each month (1,344 total). The tweets had an average 400 thousand monthly views (4,769,000 totals), and generated about 15 thousand shares (5,482 retweets and 9,030 likes).

As to Linkedin, Hera Group’s account followers increased in 2018 by 61% compared to 2017, reaching a total of 44,936. 401 posts were published on the profile during the year, reaching around 28 thousand shares (24,681 likes and 3,050 shares).

The Instagram page has 1,428 followers and publishes 3 posts per week, for a total 119 posts including single photos, videos, photo galleries and sponsorships.