total return on stock
compared to original
listing in 2003
million euro
added value distributed
to local stakeholders

Building the future together, a report on community engagement activities

The involvement and cooperation between companies, citizens, customers, organisations and associations are essential to create shared value. By regulating our daily behaviour, we can all become real drivers of change and help achieve key goals in terms of sustainability, efficiency and social inclusion.

Hera’s new sustainability report “Building the future together”, available at www.gruppohera.it/report, presents all the initiatives in which citizens, customers and organisations play an active role. Companies and communities meet new challenges, generating long-term relationships and a tangible environmental and/or social impact. Involvement is achieved through collaboration with local organisations and through the implementation of initiatives where the combination of different approaches produces benefits to society and the environment. In other cases Hera enhances customers and citizens by providing them with tools and knowledge which allow them to produce a positive impact on the environment and society and to acquire new awareness.

In cases where involvement is higher, Hera involves citizens and customers in initiatives that generate value for the local area. This category includes, for example, the HeraLABs or “Cambia il Finale” (“Change the ending”) and “FarmacoAmico” (“MedicineFriend”), which with a gesture of solidarity allow over 800 tonnes of bulky waste still in good use and unexpired pharmaceuticals to be recovered every year and donated to non-profit organisations throughout the local area, amounting to a value of Euro 550,000.