million euro
shared value Ebitda,
36% of total Ebitda
(+14% over 2017)
million euro
shared value investments,
40% of total investments
customer satisfaction
our annual survey confirms the high
quality of Group services

Sustainability has always played a key role in Hera’s strategy ever since its establishment. The approach adopted by the Group is based on integrating sustainability in its planning and control systems and, therefore, in the management of its business activities. This aspect has been effectively implemented through a balanced scorecard system involving all the company management and with our constant commitment to stakeholder reporting, as confirmed by the sustainability report. The Report has been published on a yearly basis ever since the Group’s establishment and, since 2007, has the timescale as the financial statements.

Competitiveness and sustainable development for the company and local area in which the company operates form the vision at the basis of Group’s approach towards corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

The Company’s mission and values have merged into the Code of Ethics, which is updated every three years with the involvement of employees, forming the basis of corporate conduct and serving as a point of reference for all the people working in the Group. These values represent the strategic and cultural focus with which to draw up the Business Plan every year and report the results to stakeholders transparently. Lastly, a balanced scorecard system makes it possible to translate the strategy into operational projects that are an integral part of the management bonus system.

This process features a wide range of listening and dialogue actions with stakeholders.

In 2016, Hera began a process aimed at designing the Group’s approach to the Creation of Shared Value and reached its own definition of CSV (Creating Shared Value) consistent with the nature of its business. The aim of the process is to further integrate sustainability into our business activities and to direct both our strategy and sustainability reporting to the urgencies dictated by the Global Agenda on Sustainable Development. Thanks to this process, the Hera Group is reshaping its approach towards corporate social responsibility, which no longer focuses on the “what” and “how” of the company but on its “why”, becoming a beacon that inspires strategy and guides innovation, with a more positive, direct and systematic impact on competitiveness, reputation and involvement. Please see the specific paragraph for details.