Sustainability as a key element of company strategy

In 2019, we continued the process we started in 2016 to analyse the “Global Agenda” and the needs for change that are outlined in it, which represent the “calls to action” for a company like Hera.

Understanding and sharing this scenario is essential to further improve – today and in years to come – the way we report the sustainability results achieved. At the same time, it is also an opportunity to steer strategy and operational processes in order to address change and meet the needs and expectations of both the market and society, thus enhancing competitiveness.

The following pages summarize the CSV scenario for the 9 impact areas that make up the 3 shared value drivers:

Promotion of energy efficiency

Spreading renewable energy

Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

Transition to a circular economy

Sustainable management of water resources

Development of occupation and new expertise

Spreading innovation and digitalization

Economic development and social inclusion

Air and soil protection