renewable energy produced
equivalent to the consumption
of 182 thousand families
carbon footprint
for energy production compared
to 2015, aiming at -23% by 2022
tons of greenhouse gas avoided

The total energy produced from renewable sources in 2018 was 30.4%, in line with the previous year. The share of energy produced by cogeneration and turboexpanders amounts to 35%. Together, the two categories represent 65.4% of total energy produced by the Group.

In coming years, there will be a further improvement in the Group’s energy production sustainability profile, mainly due to:

  • full operational start-up in 2019 of the plant mentioned above to produce biomethane from organic waste, in Bologna;
  • the 2.7% increase by 2022 (compared to 2018 values) in the use of geothermal energy for the Ferrara district heating system, following the concession for direct operation of geothermal wells being awarded to Hera.

Below is an outline of the environmental performance of the district heating projects financed or refinanced through the Green Bond issued in July 2014.