renewable energy produced
equivalent to the consumption
of 182 thousand families
carbon footprint
for energy production compared
to 2015, aiming at -23% by 2022
tons of greenhouse gas avoided

Renewable energy commercial offers

Environmental sustainability is one of the pillars on which Hera Comm bases its commercial operations; the planning of new offers and solutions also revolves around this value. Customers that sign up for “Pacchetto Natura”, support electricity production from renewable sources without incurring in additional costs, contribute to reduce paper consumption by using online billing, and are on the road less since they use direct debit to pay their bills.

The number of customers that joined “Pacchetto Natura” increased by 37% from 2017 to 2018, showing their appreciation and greater attention towards options with low environmental impact.

Contracts at the end of the year with the “Pacchetto Natura” option (electricity) (Qty) 2016 2017 2018
Contracts at year end with the “Pacchetto Natura” option (electricity) 55,761 75,277 102,779
% Contracts at year end with the “Pacchetto Natura” option (EE) divided by total contracts (EE) 7.4% 8.7% 12.2%