renewable energy produced
equivalent to the consumption
of 182 thousand families
carbon footprint
for energy production compared
to 2015, aiming at -23% by 2022
tons of greenhouse gas avoided

Energy saving commercial offers

In 2018, we confirmed our commitment to environmental sustainability and energy efficiency, with added-value services that provide consumption monitoring and reduction for Hera Comm’s household and business customers.

The consumption analysis report is a free service that Hera Comm makes available to its customers and helps them compare their energy consumption with that of a similar household in size, in the same province and that uses a similar amount of energy (for domestic customers). The report also compares your consumption in the same period of the previous year and provides advice on how to optimize energy use. All the data are also accessible on the “Consumption Analysis” web platform, accessible from Online Services and in the dedicated section of the My Hera app.

Hera has experimentally carried out an initial analysis on a sample of customers who receive consumption analysis reports for their electricity contracts, compared to a control sample of customers who do not receive it, to assess its effects in terms of reducing consumption. The two samples were identified using statistical methods, taking care to ensure homogeneity by period of consumption, by geographical location (to compensate the effects of external temperature) and by type of consumption.

The analysis showed a saving of about 2.5%, due to the effect of behavioural changes adopted by the customers receiving the report, as they had become aware of their consumption habits.

Given the positive result of these experimental analyses, we are now optimizing the service; in particular, we are working on the following aspects:

  • simplification of the information stimuli provided by the report;
  • simplification of the language used in the report;
  • modification of customer clustering algorithms for comparison with “similar customers”.

This service is now available for electricity, gas and district heating, and we will gradually it also to residential water service customers during 2019.

The Hera LED option can be combined with many of Hera Comm’s free market offers, for both new and existing customers, and offers customers one or two sets of 10 LED bulbs per contract at a 30% discount on their market value. Replacing an incandescent bulb with a high-efficiency LED bulb can save up to 80% energy. As stated in the product specifications, a 9 W LED bulb replaces a 60 W incandescent bulb. So if we consider an average daily use of 4h/day, an LED bulb consumes about 13 kWh/year compared to the 88 kWh/year of an equivalent incandescent bulb, significantly reducing costs and benefiting the environment.

The Hera thermo option lets customers control the gas consumption of their home thanks to a smart, remotely controllable thermostat. Using it leads to a greater attention to how the gas is used: in fact, the app makes it easy to check the temperature set in the house and check the operation of the boiler at any time. This ease of control increases awareness and reduces waste, both by decreasing the temperature set during certain time ranges and by optimising the on/off cycles of the system that were previously needed to keep the desired indoor temperature. Research shows that a 1 °C temperature reduction in a house leads to saving between 5% and 10% of gas during the winter season (Source: Enea).

Hera ContaWatt is the option that helps residential and business customers monitor their electricity consumption: the easy-to-install device connects to the electricity meter via a sensor and makes it possible, using a dedicated app, to check electricity consumption from mobile devices or PCs. A summary with consumption details is also sent by email every week. The ContaWatt independently connects to a data transfer platform, can send real-time anomaly alerts to the app or via email and installation does not require specialists.

Contracts at the end of the year 2016 2017 2018
Contracts at the end of the year with electricity energy efficiency services 58,237 161,947 159,048
% Contracts at the end of the year with energy efficiency services out of total electricit contracts 7.7% 18.7% 18.8%
Contracts at the end of the year with gas energy efficiency services 73,032 162,507 147,811
% Contracts at the end of the year with energy efficiency services out of total gas contracts 6.3% 13.8% 11.7%
Electricity and gas contracts with energy efficiency services 6.8% 15.9% 14.6%


In 2018, customers with Energy Efficiency Services accounted for 14.6% of the total. The data includes the consumption analysis report, Hera LED, Hera ContaWatt and Hera Thermo. The decrease in the 2018 data compared to the previous year is due to a change in how the consumption analysis report is disseminated (which represents the most significant share of contracts with energy efficiency services). Until 2017, only customers who chose the Nuova Idea Hera rate plan received this report, without having to specifically request it. From 2018, all customers can have the analysis, regardless of their type of offer, but only by requesting it. This change reduced the number of customers with consumption analysis reports, but made them more aware of energy efficiency matters.

This reduction was partly offset by the increase in customers with other energy efficiency services (+6,000 contracts in 2018 compared to the previous year).