renewable energy produced
equivalent to the consumption
of 182 thousand families
carbon footprint
for energy production compared
to 2015, aiming at -23% by 2022
tons of greenhouse gas avoided

Energy efficiency services for the Public Administration, condominiums and companies

Through its subsidiaries Hera Servizi Energia (HSE) and AcegasApsAmga Servizi Energetici (ASE), the Hera Group also operates actively in the energy efficiency sector providing a broad range of services. The company mainly targets apartment buildings, large industrial customers and the public administration.

The HSE and ASE solutions are mainly addressed to condominiums with central heating to implement measures supported by ecobonus and sismabonus incentives. In addition to building thermal insulations, ventilated façades, replacing doors and windows and implementing seismic improvement and adaptation measures, HSE and ASE offer condominiums the replacement of boilers and individual metering of expenses, the control of heating systems and hot water production using thermal solar panels or by installing heat pumps. The condominiums that have carried out several energy refurbishment measures at the same time, individual metering and transformed their heating system, have achieved savings of 20% to 40% of their consumption. Moreover, thanks to the assigning of receivables and the energy service contract, the measures did not involve any disbursement at the end of the works for the customers.

The commercial solutions, in fact, are integrated with the assigning of receivables relating to the ecobonus and sismabonus incentives for energy-related and structural upgrading of buildings, leaving the possibility for each owner to independently choose among a range of solutions that one that best suits its disposable income. Customers can choose whether to bear the cost of the work realized and later deduct the amount on their tax return, assign the tax deduction and pay the excess at the end of the work, or choose for the solution that requires no disbursement at the end of the work adding to the assigning of receivables the financing of the remaining portion, even combined with an energy service that provides a guarantee of energy savings and thus a reduction of heating costs.

At the end of 2018, the professionalism and experience of HSE and ASE have achieved a portfolio of 467 condominiums (+16% compared to 2017) for HSE and 411 condominiums (+35% compared to 2017) for ASE.

In the industrial cogeneration sector, Hera Servizi Energia offers multi-year energy supply contracts through the development and management of electricity and thermal energy production plants dedicated to meeting all the energy needs of top customers. The main product sectors in which the energy service is particularly effective are plastics, food, pharmaceuticals, ceramics and large-scale services such as museums, shopping centres, spas and condominiums.

With cogeneration and trigeneration (production of electricity and thermal energy at the same plant, plus cooling services) primary energy is saved with respect to traditional consumption, emissions are reduced, energy efficiency is increased and supply costs are reduced.

HSE offers a full range of all energy carriers, making it inexpensive and easy for the customers to manage. HSE identifies, in terms of the customer’s energy requirements, the characteristics of the technology plant, manage the preparation of all authorisation documents, operate and manage the plant.

At the end of 2018, 15 cogeneration plants run by HSE were operational, of which 3 are trigeneration plants.

The environmental benefits achieved in 2018 by these plants include 14,227 tonnes lower CO2 emissions and primary energy savings of approx. 6,076 toe.

HSE and ASE operate using public-private partnership instruments in the public administration client market. Also for this particular type of contract, the Group companies propose significant investments both for heat generation by installing new condensing boilers, heat pumps, and insulating building envelopes by installing thermal insulation and replacing windows and doors with better-performing types. The offer is completed by modern energy management, provided under an “Energy Service” contractual model.

Implementing several measures can achieve savings of 8 to 18%, depending on consumption and previous measures on the envelopes and can be combined with the seismic upgrading of the buildings.

Under this model, energy efficiency measures can be financed with the energy savings provided by those same measures, and when possible, without increasing the current expense level of the recipient of the measures.

ASE is the Hera Group company dedicated to public administration tenders for energy service, facility management, operation and maintenance. In 2018, as a result of the tenders it won, it invested Euro 10 million.