renewable energy produced
equivalent to the consumption
of 182 thousand families
carbon footprint
for energy production compared
to 2015, aiming at -23% by 2022
tons of greenhouse gas avoided

Energy efficiency in the Hera Group

The Group’s focus on energy efficiency is reflected by the ISO 50001 certification for energy management systems for eight companies of the Group: AcegasApsAmga, AcegasApsAmga Servizi Energetici, Aresgas, Hera Spa, Hera Luce, Hera Servizi Energia, Inrete Distribuzione Energia and Marche Multiservizi. In addition, Herambiente has achieved ISO 50001 certification for some of its plants.

The energy improvement plans of Hera Spa, AcegasApsAmga and Marche Multiservizi drawn up since 2014 as part of their energy management systems, envisaged achieving the aim to reduce energy consumption by 3% (compared to 2013 consumption) within 2017. Based on the positive results obtained, at the end of 2017 this target was increased to 5% by 2020. A further target of 6% is planned to be reached by 2022.

The objective is calculated as the average of the objectives that Hera Spa, InRete, AcegasApsAmga and Marche Multiservizi have defined as part of their certification schemes. In particular, the objectives of Hera Spa, Inrete and Marche Multiservizi are calculated using their 2013 consumption as baseline while AcegasApsAmga considers the 2014 consumption.

Significant energy saving has been achieved to date in the water cycle, both as regards purification and drinking water treatment. Important efficiency improvement has also been achieved for district heating, where the measures mainly affect the optimisation of sources and effective utilisation of the best-performing systems.

The energy improvement plans of Hera Spa, InRete, AcegasApsAmga and Marche Multiservizi (years 2014-2018)
Type of measure Number of measures (implemented or to be implemented) Savings per year due to measures implemented or to be implemented (toe) Measures implemented by end 2018 Savings achieved y end 2018 Company
Integrated water service 169 6,139 129 5,128 H-A-M
District heating 47 3,600 43 2,853 H
Energy networks 12 692 10 686 H-A-M
Vehicles and waste management services 14 606 8 556 H-A-M
Offices 43 297 40 282 H-A-M
Public lighting system 18 981 17 781 A-M
Total 303 12,315 247 10,286  

5.3% of 2013 consumption

(106% of the reduction target of 5% by 2020)

4.4% of 2013 consumption

(89% of the reduction target of 5% by 2020)


The data refer to Hera Spa, Inrete, AcegasApsAmga and Marche Multiservizi.

The 247 measures implemented by the end of 2018 saved over 10,200 toe (403.7 thousand GJ), equal to 4.4% of 2013 consumption, closing in on the target set for 2020. The 303 measures identified and that at 31 December 2018 are included in the improvement plans of Hera Spa, InRete, AcegasApsAmga and Marche Multiservizi will reduce energy consumption by over 12,300 toe, exceeding the target set for 2020.

The measures identified in the action plan are mainly focused on the water cycle where measures are planned amounting to 50% of energy saving.

The energy efficiency measures of Herambiente, Hera Servizi Energia and Hera Luce
Type of measure Number of measures implemented, in progress or planned Expected annual savings (toe) Of which measures implemented by end 2018 Of which annual savings achieved (toe) Area
Measures on waste-to-energy plants and landfills 28 1,939 23 1,509 BO, FC, FE, IS, MO, PD, RA, RN
Measures on business condominiums and other buildings 21 7,222 15 6,076 AQ, BO, FC, MO, PC, RA
Measures on public lighting systems 20 2,934 7 1,634


Total 69 12,095 45 9,219  

In addition to the initiatives of the Energy Improvement Plan, we must also consider 69 more energy efficiency measures implemented, in progress or planned (45 of which have already been completed) by Herambiente, Hera Servizi Energia and Hera Luce on waste disposal plants, condominiums or other buildings, for cogeneration plants and public lighting systems. These measures will save 12,095 toe per year (9,219 of which already achieved, equal to 386 thousand GJ). In addition, in 2018, AcegasApsAmga Servizi Energetici completed 62 projects in the climate sector and 16 projects in the condominium sector for an overall saving of 406 toe. Planned for the following years are 56 projects in the climate sector and 16 projects in the condominium sector for a total of 773 toe.

The white certificates mechanism was created in Italy in 2005 as an incentive tool for energy efficiency and is based on Energy Efficiency Certificates (TEE) to which an economic value is attributed. These certificates are obtained by implementing measures that provide certified and measurable energy savings. The system sets saving requirements for gas and electricity distributors, and assigns goals to be achieved each year.

Italian Ministerial Decrees 11/01/2017 and 10/05/2018 changed the procedures for accessing the white certificates mechanism, and redefined the obligations of distributors for the 2017/2020 period. These changes have significantly impacted the system, where uncertainty remains concerning the ability to generate sufficient certificates to meet obligations. The market value of the securities has been curbed, even in the event of a shortage of supply, by introducing a cap on the resources of the community involved in the system, in the form of a tariff contribution granted to obligated entities to cover their costs, a parameter that from 2018 may amount to a maximum of Euro 250 per certificate.

In order to fulfil its obligations, Inrete Distribuzione Energia avails itself of Hera S.p.A. which it operates as an ESCO, which continues the activity in the procurement of white certificates as it started more than ten years ago. Furthermore, Hera S.p.A. has developed agreements with trade associations in the areas it serves, collaborating with companies within the scope of the obligations required by Legislative Decree 102/14 on Energy Audits. At the end of 2018, 7 agreements were in place with trade associations and 20 agreements with external establishments.

In 2018 Hera S.p.A. won the Energy Efficiency Award promoted by CESEF in collaboration with RSE and Galletti.

As part of the initiatives to promote energy efficiency, Hera S.p.A. has also started cooperating with a team of researchers from the Politecnico di Milano, made up of experts in behavioural psychology and statistical sciences, which, in addition to providing a useful contribution to design the initiatives, has the skills necessary to develop scientifically valid programs to measure and verify savings. The collaboration involves the validation, from the point of view of the savings obtained, of energy optimization measures in homes, in industrial plants, in the tertiary sector and in public administration, due not to replacing or implementing technologies, but to inducing virtuous behaviours obtained with methodologies defined by behavioural sciences.

White certificate objectives
Toe 2016 2017 2018
Gas distribution 447,630 313,670 326,025
Electricity distribution 69,.557 32,183 33,489
Total 517,187 345,853 359,514

In 2018, Hera S.p.A. presented the GSE with 10 new initiatives for energy efficiency metered baseline projects, in accordance with the provisions of the new Decree of 11 January 2017. The initiatives detailed in the applications presented are mainly to be implemented in the Group’s service area.

Among the energy efficiency improvement measures presented as part of the White Certificates mechanism and relating to Hera Group’s plants, the initiatives to improve the efficiency of Acantho’s natural gas distribution networks and UPS systems are noteworthy.

In particular, it should be noted that Hera has also pursued energy efficiency by working not only on hardware measures, but also on the so-called “behavioural measures”, i.e. by promoting the diffusion of conscious and virtuous attitudes towards energy consumption. Five out of ten initiatives submitted to the GSE in 2018 concern this field of activity.

Hera’s measures to increase energy efficiency continue both inside and outside the Group, on the one hand, by implementing and improving the ISO 50001 certified Energy Management System and, on the other, by taking part in events and conferences that address the industrial sector. Among these is the company’s participation in the “Industrial efficiency 2018” event in Berlin, where Hera contributed to the debate on financial barriers to the implementation of energy efficiency initiatives. In 2018, Hera was also invited to the Sustainable Energy Development Agency (SEDA) in Sofia, Bulgaria, to bring its expertise in energy efficiency.

To confirm the Group’s commitment in this area, since 2015 Hera has been publishing the “Valore all’energia” (“Value to Energy”) report, entirely dedicated to energy efficiency and extended in 2015 to AcegasApsAmga and Marche Multiservizi, and that was submitted for the first time in 2017 to Dnv-Gl for third-party auditing. A case study is dedicated to the report in the relevant section of this Sustainability Report.