the induced employment generated
by Hera in 2018
million euro
for innovation and digitalisation,
22 projects in smart city, circular
economy and data analytics
reused soil
in projects implemented in 2018

Supporting excellences that are capable of stimulating social and cultural growth, to achieve an overall improvement in the quality of people’s lives. This is the leitmotif of the partnership activity that the Hera Group promotes in the area thanks to intense research and development of the best project proposals. In this respect, identifying and rewarding significant partnerships translates into acting in the interest of the area and stimulating its growth, fostering positive relationships and promoting the proactive role of the Group in the areas it serves.

thousands of Euro 2016 2017 2018
Recreational activities 202 160 551
Culture 1,152 1,071 1,062
Sports 484 297 416
Social 44 31 51
Environmental 421 360 239
Other 209 168 110
Total 2,513 2,087 2,42
of which in areas served by Hera 2,354 2,042 2,212
of which in areas not served by Hera 159 45 217


In 2018 the Hera Group contributed to over 150 activities with Euro 2.4 million of sponsorships that in various fields contributed to enrich the content and the initiatives of the local communities. In fact, of the total of sponsorships, 91% was allocated to the local area.

In this perspective, the Group’s commitment to promoting art, music, cinema, theatre, sports and community support becomes the driver both to convey highly artistic content, and to make it usable and accessible to all.

Art. During 2018, Hera contributed to the creation of prominent shows, exhibitions and artistic projects. Among the most significant partnerships: the “Eterno e Tempo fra Michelangelo e Caravaggio” (Eternal and Time between Michelangelo and Caravaggio) exhibit set up at the San Domenico Museums in Forlì, which attracted 100,000 visitors from all over Italy; the “Revolutija: da Chagall a Malevich, da Repin a Kandinsky” (Revolutija: da Chagall a Malevich, da Repin a Kandinsky) exhibit at the Mambo in Bologna, which allowed the public to admire about 70 masterpieces by famous painters who in various ways represented Russian artistic culture between the 19th and 20th centuries. 2018 was also the year of drawing: the 12th edition of “Bilbolbul”, the international comics festival of which Hera is the main founding partner, brought to Bologna, for the first time in Italy, the exhibition dedicated to “Jack Kirby”, the king of superheroes. The 3rd edition of the “Biennale del disegno” in Rimini transformed the city into a beating heart of creativity and research through 33 exhibitions and a journey through 2,000 works, which touched upon all the creative processes: ancient and modern drawing, comics and architecture, calligraphy and graphics, painting, street art and cinema.

Access to culture and support for the area are evident concepts also thanks to the Group’s commitment to SalaBorsa, the historical library in Bologna which thanks to Hera’s support can now extend its opening hours in the winter, and stay open to all, also on Sundays.

Art and the local area are key concepts also in the project supported at Imola, where Inrete, a company of the Hera Group, promoted the project “TAG: Torre Arte e Graffiti”. It is an initiative of urban regeneration and promotion of the area that has transformed eight electric substations into eight works of art with the collaboration of a local association consisting of many young people.

Theatre. From Modena to Rimini, the Hera Group has maintained a high level of interest in the theatres and theatre seasons in the area. From the Teatro Comunale in Bologna with the operas “Simon Boccanegra” and “La fille du Regiment”, to the ERT Foundation, from the Teatri Comunali in Modena and Ferrara to the International Theatre Festival in Piazza di Santarcangelo di Romagna, the Hera Group has supported small and large recognized organizations of excellence by promoting and disseminating culture. Hera has also helped the most important events of Romagna’s art season by supporting reviews which, in the city as in its province, can thus schedule high quality shows and artists. For instance, it is worth mentioning the partnership with the Teatro Rossini in Lugo, with the Rete dei Teatri della Valmarecchia in the Rimini area, with the season of the Teatro Mentore di Santa Sofia in the upper Cesena area, while in Emilia Hera supported the season of theatres of the Fondazione ERT (the Storchi and Passioni theatres in Modena, Arena del Sole in Bologna, and the Fabbri theatre in Vignola), the Teatro Duse in Bologna and the Teatro Comunale in Modena and Ferrara. In the Modena area, among the leading and high-profile initiatives also at national level, there was the Group’s presence at Festivalfilosofia, which promoted Julian Nida Rumil’s lectio magistralis on democracy in Piazza Grande.

Music. Every year, Hera identifies the concert seasons of great excellence, of interest to a broad range of audiences. Among these, there is the Bologna Festival with the “I grandi interpreti (The great performers)” review, the Musica Insieme Foundation and the Ravenna Festival, the prestigious exhibition that in 2018 also due to Herambiente’s support, staged its 29th edition, dedicated to America, land of dreams, under the slogan “We Have a Dream”. Herambiente considered it important to support the Ravenna Festival and be part of the success of one of the most prestigious and acclaimed festivals of performing arts at a European level: from symphonic to chamber music, from opera to theatre, from dance to ethnic music for a varied and diverse audience.

On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the death of the composer Gioacchino Rossini, the Group is a partner of the events organized by the City of Pesaro to celebrate the musician’s life and work.

The Group has shown renewed interest also for the Bologna Jazz Festival, which celebrated its thirteenth edition with a full calendar of very popular concerts with the best musicians in the world of jazz.

We also confirmed our partnership with the Ferrara Buskers Festival, an international festival of street musicians, and with the Verucchio Music Festival in the Rimini area.

Cinema. Among the successful partnerships, Hera confirms its support for the promotion of film culture, which involves and excites audiences. Among the most prestigious partnerships, we consolidated our support for the Bologna Cineteca, that by producing the “Il cinema ritrovato” (Cinema rediscovered) and “Sotto le stelle del Cinema” (Cinema under the stars) reviews, not only offered great masterpieces, but also gave thousands of people free access to the projections in the attractive setting of Piazza Maggiore during the summer. We also renewed our successful partnership with Biografilm Festival, which has been hosting the Biografilm Hera Theatre for several years, where numerous screenings were held during the famous festival. We confirmed our interest for theatre and cinema also by supporting initiatives that take place in other areas, such as “Rassegne itineranti”, in the 10 municipalities near Imola.

In 2018, we also supported an interesting collaboration with the Cinevasioni association was also promoted, which made possible the creation of a multimedia cinema inside the Bologna prison.

Sports and Social activities. Sports as wellbeing and a driver for solidarity are messages launched years ago by the Bologna stage of the Race for the Cure, a “pink” race to raise awareness on the importance of breast cancer prevention and to promote correct information on the matter. The initiative, which was a great success, was an opportunity to highlight the Group’ s presence also thanks to the participation of a Hera team, which joined the other 20,000 participants in a march of solidarity and awareness. In the Ferrara area, the presence of Hera is witnessed by the partnership with UISP and various running events that attract many participants.

Hera is at the side of the world of basketball by supporting the youth teams Ravenna Basket and Andrea Costa Imola Basket, and of rugby with the under 14-16 and 18 teams of Bologna Rugby 1928, and of youth football at Felsinea.

In addition, Hera Comm supported a number of major events during 2018, mainly in commercial expansion territories:

  • Flower Show. A leading nursery and gardening event in its sector of reference, of which 4 editions are held. Hera Comm promoted two events of each edition on sustainability, the culture of respect for the environment, knowledge of environmental ecosystems.
  • Partnership with the Toscanini Foundation. The Foundation’s activity is divided into reviews, educational programs and individual events with original formats in order to spread the culture of music and offer a range of high level concerts.
  • Macerata Opera Festival The main topic of the event is “Verde Speranza” (“Green Hope”), alluding to the conservation and respect for the environment and the reconstruction of the local areas affected by the earthquake, in particular the restoration of the environment in areas recognized as important for their landscape and environmental value.
  • Festivaletteratura Mantova. Hera Comm is a partner of “READ ON”, a European project in which Italy takes part with the city of Mantua and in which Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Norway and the United Kingdom participate. The project is aimed at adolescents and aims to encourage young people aged 11 to 19 years to write and read through 8 specific projects.
  • World Ducati Week. Hera took part in the international gathering of Ducati enthusiasts from all over the world that was held in Misano. Hera Ambiente provided separate waste collection, Hera Comm contributed educational initiatives on energy efficiency and the installed two charging stations for the organization’s electric cars, while Hera Servizi Energia built and manages the trigeneration plant of the Ducati factory in Bologna.

The Hera Group continues to cooperate with about 80 trade associations who are therefore able to take advantage of innovative services and favourable supply conditions.

In 2018 we consolidated our relationship with Arci at national level and Hera Comm was sponsor of the association’s National Congress held in Pescara, an important opportunity to highlight the facilitated supply conditions we offer to local clubs and their members.

Concerning local initiatives, this year Hera Comm was present with a corner focused on sales and information activities in the summer cinema evening events organized by Arci Reggio Emilia; in addition, thanks to the support of Hera Comm and the collaboration with Arci Modena and cinema Raffaello, the “Cinemamme” initiative gave many mothers the opportunity to watch first-window films in a theatre set up to accommodate them with their young children.

The collaboration with the CNA of Parma continued again in 2018, as Hera Comm actively supported the association’s Sustainability Report presentation event.

Hera made its support to the local community tangible in Bologna through an agreement with the Social Cooperative Piazza Grande, which works in the field of social exclusion, in support of homeless people.

In Marche, on the other hand, collaboration continued with Ascom Confcommercio of Pesaro and Urbino, which created the “Itinerari della bellezza” project that included the following main initiatives: gastronomic weekends, economic agreements with members and a publication that “tells the story” of the touristic, cultural, environmental and gastronomic itinerary that makes its way through Urbino, Sant’Angelo in Vado, Pergola, Fossombrone and Mondavio.

These are initiatives to support associations that help the most needy but also measures aimed at encouraging the economic development of businesses throughout Italy.


thousands of Euro 2016 2017 2018
Recreational activitiestd 4 5 27
Culture 100 159 46
Sports 7 9 6
Social 147 134 174
Environmental 5 38 6
Other 17 70
Total 272 361 329
of which in areas served by Hera 259 268 284
of which in areas not served by Hera 14 93 45

Donations are a further opportunity for supporting the area, an action in which Hera Group actively supports the weakest social categories. This sensitivity is also extended by the HeraSolidale initiative (see the case study in the chapter People).

In 2018, the Group donated over Euro 329 thousand, 86% of which to its service area. About 55% of donations are for cultural and social purposes.

Also, in 2018, Hera renewed its membership in organizations and associations involved in both disease prevention (through scientific research) and patient care. Some examples among many are our support for the LILT association which finances research projects in the field of cancer, and for the ASPHI not-for-profit organization, which in Bologna, through new technologies, promotes the integration of disabled people in schools, work and society, as well as other Emilia-Romagna organizations that continue to implement worthy projects such as the Association “Insieme a te” (Together with you), which has created services and aids for free access on a beach at Punta Marina dedicated to seriously disabled people.

On the social front, the Group is also a partner of the “Agire Sociale” association based in Ferrara, and of “Porta Aperta” association based in Modena, which provide income support by distributing basic necessities, and also by offering training opportunities, work orientation and social and health services, family budget management, education for responsible consumption and promotion of active citizenship. Hera has also supported the activities of the “Piantala” Association which, with the Ortoterapia project, teaches children in the Bologna juvenile prison about the cultivation techniques of herbs, fruits and vegetables, which can be used in the juvenile prison canteen, in the cooking workshop and even sold in organic food markets.

In the environmental field, the Group collaborates with the Fondazione Cetacea of Riccione, a centre that deals with rescuing, caring for and rehabilitation of animals in distress, especially sea turtles and cetaceans.

Company policy, in compliance with its own Code of Ethics and 231 protocols, does not allow contributions of any kind to any party or politician.