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Sustainability among the "new skills" of young people: Hera Group’s contribution

Environmental education

For years the Hera Group has been promoting many environmental education projects, in all the areas, in order to raise awareness in schools on issues related to services and to take part in the disclosure processes, making available a variety of company skills.

The “La Grande Macchina del Mondo” (“The Great Engine of the World”) project closed the 2017-2018 school year with results that attest to a significant success, confirming how the school world, from kindergartens to secondary schools, is in the free educational programme that Hera offers throughout the area it serves.

The results of the latest school year were very positive both for the number of students admitted and for the requests met. In Emilia-Romagna, the part of the project dedicated to the groups from 4 to 13 years of age has seen an ever-increasing participation. The new laboratories have been very popular and the new features introduced, both at a methodological and narrative level, have met with the approval of the teachers. Particular attention was paid to the schools of Ferrara, a city in which quantity-based tariff (TCP) was introduced, to ensure that students were aware of the subject and that they spread their knowledge and awareness among their families.

The didactic part reserved for high schools involved more than 21,000 students, about 1,000 more than the previous school year, proving that the topics proposed continue to be of great interest and highly innovative for schools.

For the 2018-2019 school year, the projects will focus mainly on the “ecological mind” topic, especially with reference to the environmental issues of our core business: scarcity of resources, biodiversity and the reduction of polluting sources, with a view to integrate the different disciplines for a more circular and sustainable model of society.

Environmental education projects
No. 2016 2017 2018
Participating students 96,034 99,482 106,547
Teachers involved 7,700 8,169 8,8221
Schools involved 1,243 1,213 1,278


In 2018, the total number of students participating in the initiatives rose further (+7.1% compared to 2017), as did the number of teachers involved (+7.9% compared to 2017) and the number of schools involved (+5.4% compared to 2017).

In line with Hera Group’s guidelines, the intense activity of free educational proposals to schools continued throughout the territory served by AcegasApsAmga under the “The Great Engine of the World” and “Un pozzo di scienza” (“Science Well”) programmes. The number of schools involved has slightly decreased (251 compared to 280 in 2017), but with an increase in the number of students (+1.9% compared to 2017) and schools involved (+4.6% compared to 2017). AcegasApsAmga continues to pursue with conviction its commitment to environmental education for children, also offering access to major water and waste treatment facilities. The main objective is to encourage young people to cultivate a responsible attitude towards the environment and the rational use of resources.

In the case of Marche Multiservizi, 11 schools, 40 teachers and 1,030 students were involved, a significant increase compared to the previous year (+74.9%). Marche Multiservizi promotes environmental education projects throughout its area, in order to raise awareness in the school world on issues related to services and act upon information processes, also by providing business expertise. This year, the main activities focused on organising the Festival of Reuse and Recycling, the goal of which is to continue to raise awareness among citizens, especially young people, on the importance of reducing the consumption of raw materials and the production of waste by reusing goods and materials. The event, accredited by the European Community and the Ministry of the Environment, is part of the initiatives of the National Festival of Sustainable Development 2018, one of the main Italian contributions to the “European Week of Sustainable Development”, during which events were held (exhibitions/shows/book presentations/demonstrations local promotion) to draw attention to the 17 objectives of sustainable development of Agenda 2030. The event was held at the Reuse area in Marche Multiservizi, from 28 May to 1 June 2018, and was attended by about 800 students from secondary and high schools. The students of the Genga-Bramante Institute in Pesaro also provided their support. Marche Multiservizi provided its support with training activities, distributing information material and organizing plant visits.

The collaboration with the Gulliver non-profit organisation has continued to prepare the Festival 2019. An interesting environmental education project was presented (launched in 2019) supported by Coop. IDEA that created the Museum of the Recyclosaurs. Lastly, training sessions on the topic of water were held for the inaugurations of the Water Houses at Montelabbate and Pesaro. Before the ribbon was cut, children met in classrooms to learn about the water cycle, from collection to its return to the environment.