the induced employment generated
by Hera in 2019
million euro investments
in innovation and digitalisation and projects involving smart cities, circular economy, data analytics and utility 4.0
of soil reused
in projects implemented in 2019

Proximity, shared value, and corporate reputation: the partnerships promoted by the Group contribute to consolidating the positive relationship with customers by establishing a dialogue with stakeholders who are increasingly attentive to corporate ethics. This is the leitmotif of the partnership activity that the Hera Group promotes in the area thanks to intense research and development of the best project proposals. In this respect, identifying and rewarding significant partnerships translates into acting in the interest of the area and stimulating its growth, fostering positive relationships, and promoting the proactive role of the Group in the areas it serves.


thousands of Euro 2017 2018 2019
Recreational activities 160 551 767
Culture 1,071 1,062 1,047
Sports 297 416 429
Social 31 51 71
Environmental 360 239 179
Other 168 110 129
Total 2,087 2,42 2,622
of which in areas served by Hera 2,042 2,212 2,520
of which in areas not served by Hera 45 217 99


In 2019 Hera Spa contributed to organising more than 165 activities in various fields that have contributed to enrich the content and the initiatives of the local communities. In this perspective, the Group’s commitment to promoting art, music, cinema, theatre, sports, and the environment becomes the driver both to convey highly artistic content and to make it usable and accessible to all.

Art. During 2019, Hera contributed to the creation of prominent shows, exhibitions, and artistic projects. Among the most significant partnerships are the exhibitions “Ottocento. L’arte dell’Italia tra Hayez e Segantini” (Forlì) and “Emozione Barocca. Il Guercino a Cento” in the artist’s home town.

Access to culture and support for the area are evident concepts also thanks to the Group’s commitment to SalaBorsa, the historical library in Bologna which, thanks to Hera’s support, can now extend its opening hours in the winter, and stay open to all, also on Sundays.

Theatre. From Modena to Rimini, the Hera Group has maintained a high level of interest in the theatres and theatre seasons in the area. The Hera Group has supported small and large companies recognised for their excellence, enhancing culture and its diffusion. Among the main partnerships: the “Rossini” Theatre in Lugo, the Rete Teatrale della Valmarecchia in the Rimini area, the Teatro Mentore of Santa Sofia in the upper Cesena area, the summer season of “Ribalta Marea” in Cesenatico; the Duse Theatre in Bologna and the theatre season of the ERT Foundation (the Bonci Theatre in Cesena, the Storchi e Passioni in Modena, the Arena del Sole in Bologna, and the Fabbri Theatre in Vignola).

Music. Every year, Hera identifies the concert seasons of great excellence, of interest to a broad range of audiences. Among these, the Bologna Festival with the review “I grandi interpreti”, the Fondazione Musica Insieme of the Ravenna Festival, which in 2019 celebrated its XXXth edition. For this special event, the Group promoted an environmental improvement operation that allowed the best citizens of Ravenna to win tickets for the most eagerly awaited event of the Festival, the Ben Harper concert. The Group also showed its renewed interest in the Bologna Jazz Festival and the Ferrara Buskers Festival, an international street musician festival.

Cinema. Among the successful partnerships, Hera confirms its support for the promotion of film culture, which involves and excites audiences. Among the most prestigious partnerships, we consolidated our support for Cineteca di Bologna, that by organising the “Il cinema ritrovato” (Cinema rediscovered) and “Sotto le stelle del Cinema” (Cinema under the stars) events, gave thousands of people free access to the projections in the attractive setting of Piazza Maggiore during the summer. We confirmed our interest for theatre and cinema also by supporting initiatives that take place in other areas, including “Rassegne itineranti”, held in 10 municipalities near Imola, Cinema Estivo at Sassuolo and the “La settima arte” exhibition in Rimini. The collaboration with the Cinevasioni association continued, allowing the creation of a multimedia cinema inside the Bologna prison.

Sports and Social Activities. Hera is also close to the sports clubs in the area, thanks to several targeted projects dedicated to getting started in sports. These include basketball (the youth teams of Ravenna Basket, Andrea Costa Imola Basket, and San Benedetto XIV in Cento), rugby with the under 14-16 and 18 of Bologna Rugby 1928, and the youth football team of Felsinea. Besides, in 2019, sports were also combined with electric transportation, as we supported the first round of the world Ebike championship, held in Bologna.

On the social front, it is worth mentioning our partnership with the first edition of Me ne Cibo, a free multidisciplinary event organised in Forlì by the Istituto Oncologico Romagnolo and focused on nutrition, with major speeches by guests ranging from philosophy to medicine, and from art to science.

Environmental and economic sustainability issues are central to the Group. Emphasis was also given to a number of events that dealt with these topics during the year, such as the Sustainability and Innovation Forum, support for the National Zero Waste Campaign to raise awareness on the issue of food waste, and the Resilienze Festival that addressed environmental sustainability through the languages of art to explore alternative points of view.

thousands of Euro 2017
Recreational activitiestd 5
Culture 159
Sports 9
Social 134
Environmental 38
Other 17
Total 361
of which in areas served by Hera 268
of which in areas not served by Hera 93

Donations are a further opportunity for supporting the area, that Hera Group uses to promote solidarity and to support social and environmental projects. This sensitivity is also extended by the HeraSolidale initiative (see the case study in the chapter “People”).

In 2019, the Group donated over Euro 412 thousand, 73% of which to its service area. About 84% of donations are for cultural and social purposes.

In 2019, Hera renewed its membership of bodies and associations engaged both in scientific research, such as LILT, and in prevention within health-related projects, such as UNICEF.

On the social front, the Hera Group supports the work of Emporio Sociale il Mantello di Ferrara, which provides income support by distributing basic necessities, and also by offering training opportunities, work orientation and social and health services, family budget management, education for responsible consumption, and promotion of active citizenship. We confirmed our support for other businesses involved in inclusion and socialisation activities, including the AiAsport non-profit association that offers an equestrian activities service for people with disabilities, and the Mus-e project for artistic courses aimed at schools located in difficult contexts, designed to accompany children to discover themselves and others, by experimenting with several artistic disciplines together with classmates and teachers.

Consistent with the provisions of the Group’s Code of Ethics and protocol for Model 231, our corporate policy does not allow contributions of any kind to any party or politician.


Monetary contributions € FY 2016 FY 2017 FY 2018 FY 2019
Lobbying, interest representation or similar 807,013 1,156,934 1,185,059 1,282,001
Local, regional or national political campaigns / organizations / candidates 0 0 0 0
Trade associations or tax-exempt groups (e.g. think tanks) 0 0 0 0
Other (e.g. spending related to ballot measures or referendums) 0 0 0 0
Total contributions and other spending 807,013 1.156.934 1,185,059 1,282,001
Data coverage (as % of denominator, indicating the organizational scope of the reported data) 100% 100% 100% 100%


 Lobbying contributions (€) Corporate position 2019
Representative organizations Support 1,249,501
Sustainability networks Support  32,500 


 Other large expenditures (€) Type of representation 2019
Utilitalia Interest representation 711,728
Circular economy network Interest representation  15,000 
Confservizi Emilia-Romagna Interest representation 183,000