sorted waste
over an area with 3.1 million
waste recovered
the amount of sorted waste
recuperated, going towards
a circular economy
thousand tons of CO2 avoided
with the plastic recycled
by Aliplast

The new service for the roadside collection of vegetable oils, carried out using new aesthetically pleasing bins specially designed to contain residual domestic cooking oil, was launched in Emilia-Romagna on a trial basis at the beginning of 2014. This new initiative forms part of a broader Hera project, and the only one of its kind in Italy in terms of the service provided and its geographical extension, aimed at the spread of this type of collection which until 2013 was only carried out via the Group’s Separate Waste Collection Centres. At the end of 2017, there were around 400 roadside bins located in 70 municipalities in the Emilia-Romagna area, for an overall customer base of over 2 million citizens. During 2018 another 300 road containers were put into service, bringing the total number of containers in the area to 700 units distributed across more than 100 municipalities for a population served of about 2.3 million inhabitants.

The LIFE Identis WEEE project, supported by the EU LIFE fund, was designed to prove the traceability of Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment and increase the collection of small appliances such as chargers, mobile phones, televisions, electronic toys, and electronic lamps. This collection is especially difficult with traditional systems. Hera Spa is the parent company of the project that was created partnering with two consortia: the Italian Ecolight and the Spanish Ecolum. The project, funded by the European Community, ended in 2015 and became part of the collection services in Hera’s service area. Currently, 13 “WEEE Point EVO” and 21 “WEEE Shop EVO” service points are installed in Hera’s area, distributed throughout the various provinces mainly in shopping malls, for the collection of small WEEE. The “Mobile” model is also in service in the Bologna area, which carries out a scheduled itinerant collection and collects all types of WEEE. In 2018, almost 35,000 disposals were made to the WEEE Shops and WEEE Points and almost 5,000 to the mobile service.

During 2018, the collection and recovery of used toner cartridges continued in Emilia-Romagna, carried out by Ecorecuperi, which was awarded the contract to provide this service again in 2019, as a result of a call for tenders for the provision of this service. In 2018, using “Ecobox” containers distributed to public users such as schools and municipal offices, approximately 200 tonnes of used cartridges were collected that were actually provided to the reuse market (regenerated toner cartridges for printers).

In the Triveneto area, the separate minor waste collection is carried out through the collection centres, the so-called “Ecological Saturdays” and, for some specific types, through dedicated roadside collections or centres. For example, in the Padua area, specific experimental roadside containers have been installed for the collection of used home cooking oil. Toner collection is also provided by door-to-door collection systems for non-residential users. In smaller municipalities, where there is no collection centre, the presence of the “ecoself” is provided on specific days of the month for the collection of small WEEE and other fractions that cannot be disposed of in the main collection circuits.