sorted waste
over an area with 3.1 million
waste recovered
the amount of sorted waste
recuperated, going towards
a circular economy
thousand tons of CO2 avoided
with the plastic recycled
by Aliplast

Bulky waste is waste that due to its type, size and weight, cannot be disposed of in bins for municipal waste. Hera currently offers a number of options for the disposal of bulky waste and large appliances, offering the possibility of reusing objects in good condition by preventing the production of waste or by sending them to the correct flow of recovery or disposal:

  • donation of the item to the non-profit organizations involved in the “Change the ending” project: if the item can be re-used, its user can donate it for reuse through one of the participating not-for-profit organizations. Non-profit organizations may collect bulky waste free of charge at its facility or at the user’s home, to give it a new life and use it for charity. Since 2018, in the Ferrara area citizens can dispose of reusable goods to give to non-profit organizations also at drop-off points, dropping them off at the “Reuse area”;
  • to be disposed of at the drop-off points (Separate Waste Collection Centres): if the bulky goods are not reusable, they can be delivered to the nearest drop-off point using the vast and widespread network of drop-off points active in the area;
  • home collection service by Hera: if the item is not reusable and the user cannot take it to a drop-off point, the user can call the call centre for the free bulky waste home collection service.

In 2018, these types of waste amounted to 3.2 % of the total waste collected and to 5.4% of separate waste collection, in line with the previous year. In Hera Spa’s service area, 108,709 requests were made for the collection of bulky waste, up compared to the previous year (+11.3%). Including the waste disposed of at Separate Waste Collection Centres and the waste dumped without notification, over 48,000 tonnes were collected. The total quantity was lower than in 2017, mainly due to the lack of the Forlì area, which was no longer served. The number of bulky waste collection requests is growing, in line with previous years, due to the greater use of dedicated collection services and a greater number of reports for this type of waste, largely linked to a better usability of the channels to contact Hera and a greater awareness to urban décor matters.

In the Triveneto area, too, there was an increase in bookings for at-home collection of bulky waste, in 2018. In Padua, the increase was +31% while in Trieste it was +27%. Note that in both areas a dedicated service is provided for the collection of abandoned bulky waste. In Padua, the amount of bulky waste abandoned and collected along roads increased by 13.4%. In Trieste, the quantity of abandoned waste collected fell by 5.7%.