sorted waste
over an area with 3.1 million
waste recovered
the amount of sorted waste
recuperated, going towards
a circular economy
thousand tons of CO2 avoided
with the plastic recycled
by Aliplast

Recovery of industrial waste with Hasi and Waste Recycling

Herambiente Servizi Industriali is the Group company that offers solutions to businesses for the proper treatment of industrial waste. A key element of its offer is the identification of the optimal solution to recover and recycle, which ensures maximum traceability and compliance with all environmental regulations so as to minimize landfill disposal. Starting in 2015, a special area for customers was added to Herambiente’s website to provide, for each contract, real time information on the treatment operations, showing where each was sent to and the recovery percentage reached versus the total waste disposed of.

During 2018, our commercial strategy was aimed at creating value for the Group and for its customers, also due to synergies with the recently acquired companies, proposing solutions that are increasingly oriented towards environmental sustainability:

  • optimization of internal processes;
  • maximizing recovery, in some cases with a 100% recovery target;
  • management – where possible – of certain flows as recoverable by-products rather than waste for disposal;
  • on site management of plants.

Many client companies that subscribe to the Global Waste Management offer, in fact, have their own private plants for the treatment of certain scrap from their production processes: Herambiente Servizi industriali has started to offer these customers a service that manages this type of systems, aimed at optimizing them. The integration of our Waste Management services with those of on-site Systems Management helps the Group be effective and well known in the market, encourages customer loyalty and creates value, besides being a factor that sets it apart from its competitors.

HASI managed over 484 thousand tonnes of industrial waste in 2018, of which 42% was sent for material or energy recovery, a very positive figure, considering that in 2016 the recovery rate was around 25%. This reflects the orientation of the business strategy to increase the recovery rate of industrial waste through commercial development integrated with circular economy solutions, as described above. The data confirm the potential of the offer, with a 60% recovery of material and energy from managed waste for Global Waste Management customers. During the year, also for SMEs, the offer increasingly focused on proposing recovery solutions, as shown by the positive results.

The objective for 2019 is to increase the recovery rate of industrial waste through a commercial development integrated with circular economy solutions expanding the offer with additional services and integrated solutions in terms of environmental sustainability, such as the supply of renewable energy, energy/thermal efficiency and water cycle efficiency, in synergy with other Group companies.

Destination of total waste treated – Herambiente Servizi Industriali


Quantity treated (thousands of tonnes)

Quantity recovered (thousands of tonnes)

Share of waste recovered by category





of which large customers




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of which Global Waste Management




Waste Recycling, acquired by Herambiente at the end of in 2015, has worked in the special waste collection, storage, treatment and recovery sector in province of Pisa for over 20 years. The two main facilities managed are a selection plant for non-hazardous waste and a chemical-physical-biological plant for hazardous and non-hazardous liquid waste. The company also operates three other waste treatment plants.

Some examples of recovery:

  • scraps of leather are used to produce soil improvers and fertilizers
  • the recoverable parts of paper are sent to paper mills
  • ferrous materials are separated and recycled in foundries
  • plastic is washed, cleaned and made into flakes for future processing
  • wood scraps are used to produce chipboard panels
  • all mixed, not hazardous, waste such as bonded materials or other are used for energy production.
Destination of total waste treated – Waste Recycling

Thousands of tonnes


Waste sent for recovery of material and energy


Total waste sent for disposal




% of waste sent for recovery of material or energy on total quantity of waste treated