The Management Review Committee and the work group

This sustainability report was drawn up by the Shared Value and Sustainability Department of Hera S.p.A., with the participation of numerous contacts, both in terms of data collection and for the descriptions and comments. The preparation and supervision of the work, as well as the approval of the improvement objectives and of the document to be submitted to the Board of Directors was carried out by the Management Review Committee, composed of 18 Group directors.

Management Review Committee: Tomaso Tommasi di Vignano, Stefano Venier, Roberto Barilli, Luca Moroni, Salvatore Molè, Mila Fabbri, Cristian Fabbri, Giancarlo Campri, Massimo Vai, Giuseppe Gagliano, Marcello Guerrini, Andrea Ramonda, Mauro Tiviroli, Alessandro Baroncini, Roberto Gasparetto, Franco Fogacci, Antonio Dondi, Susanna Zucchelli.

Shared Value and Sustainability Department – Shared Value and Sustainability Reporting: ( Filippo Bocchi, Benny Buozzi, Gianluca Principato, Gaëlle Ridolfi, Erika Vignoli.

Thanks to all the 238 persons involved in the preparation of this Sustainability Report.