Reporting standards

This sustainability report has been drawn up in compliance with the “Global Reporting Initiative Sustainability Reporting Standards” defined by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) according to the “In accordance” – Core option.

With reference to the up-dates of the 303 (Water) and 403 (Health and safety in the workplace) standards published in 2018, the Hera Group has launched a process for the analysis of the content and the matters requested (information and specific requests of the indicators) with the aim of bringing forward their application with respect to the obligation fixed for 2021.

For the definition of value added and its distribution to stakeholders the “Standard GBS 2013 – Principles for drawing up sustainability reports” defined by Gruppo di studio per il Bilancio Sociale (GBS) was also used.

Furthermore, as a result of the commitments undertaken by the Group in relation to the Global Compact, the report represents the yearly Communication on Progress that is submitted to this institution.