Reporting scope and period

The scope of the economic and financial data and information is the same as Hera Group’s consolidated financial statements as at 31 December 2018. The scope of the social and environmental data and information includes all the companies consolidated using the line-by-line method in the Group’s consolidated financial statements, as reported below.

Any changes to the scope indicated above are appropriately reported in the document and, where present, do not compromise the proper representation of the business activity.

Furthermore, only with regard to the areas indicated below, information about the following companies is reported, although not included in the scope of consolidation:

  • Enomondo (50% invested in by Herambiente S.p.A.) that manages a biomass plant, with regard to the aspects involving atmospheric emissions, energy production and waste disposal;
  • EstEnergy (51% invested in by Hera Comm S.r.l.) that manages the sale of electricity and gas in the North-East, with regard to customer relations aspects.

In order to compare data over time and to assess the performance of the Group’s activities, the comparative data relating to the two previous years has been included, if available. Furthermore, to ensure that the Group’s performance is correctly represented and that the figures are reliable, estimates have been used as little as possible. When using estimates, they are based on the best available and appropriately reported methodologies.