Trieste, Udine, Gorizia

The key numbers of shared value


Smart use of energy

Efficient use of resources

Innovation and contribution to development

Energy efficiency for households and business

of customers with energy efficiency serivces. The quantity is 22,000

1,241 toe saved

due to internal and external energy efficiency measures since 2015 (equal to the consumption of 2,458 households)


Emissions avoided
2 thousand tonnes of CO2

avoided thanks to energy efficiency measures in the area
(AcegasApsAmga, ASE, Hera Luce and other companies) from 2015 to date


separate waste collection, of which 82% recycled*
1% of municipal waste in landfills


69 tonnes

of bulky waste collected and re-used


Wastewater Treatment

urban areas >2,000 pe of 4 that have achieved compliance (measures for achieving compliance in Trieste have been completed)


of the gas meters installed ara elecronic



employees in the area
and 27 hires in 2018


Social inclusion
Euro 2 million

value of bills paid in instalments, 3 thousand households involved

* Excluding green waste

CSV Investments

CSV Case Study


Upgrade work at Trieste’s Servola waste-water treatment plant

The innovative purification plant, which was released from EU infringement proceedings in 2014 and declared compliant, has been fully operational since 23 June 2018. All the functions of the plant have become fully operational and the concentrations of phosphorus and nitrogen in the wastewater have already been halved. About Euro 50 million spent. The concentrations of phosphorus and nitrogen in the waste water are already halved.

Barcolana 50: Those who love the sea love the Earth

For the 50th anniversary of the regata, our objective was to drastically reduce the amount of plastic used, to prevent dispersing it into the sea and avoid the resulting environmental impact. We used almost only biodegradable plates and utensils, increased separate waste collection and created “recycling ambassadors” with children on joint school-work experience courses to support: 500,000 attendees, 16 days and 1,500 services, 45 tonnes of waste collected, of which 63% was separated.

The area was given back to the community

We removed over 5 km of overhead power cables and 40 old poles, recovering considerable quantities of copper from the wires. We restored value to more than 11 thousand m2 of karst landscape near Trieste by strengthening the medium voltage electricity grid and using new underground power lines. Environmental improvements: greater safety, continuity of service and reduction of electromagnetic fields.


The bases and the organisational levers

Economic value distributed to the Friuli Venezia Giulia area, of which:

Euro 131 million
69 million workers
11 million
10 million PA
41 million suppliers

370 jobs created (lead-on employment)

A high-quality service… at a lower price.
customer satisfaction index in the Rimini area:
for the services of AcegasApsAmga Servizi Energetici

Average yearly expense for waste management for a household* (Source: Cittadinanzattiva)
-13% compared to Italian average
292 Euro in Trieste,
Italian average is 334

Average yearly expense for waste management for non-residential customers**
-21% compared to Italian average (Source: Ref Ricerche)
11.34 Euro/m2 for Ravenna,
14.38 Euro/m2 for Italy

* 3 persons in 100 m2

** Hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and food industry