The key numbers of shared value


Smart use of energy

Efficient use of resources

Innovation and contribution to development

Energy efficiency for households and businesses

of customers with energy efficiency services. The quantity is 29,000.


customers under the Pacchetto Natura rate plan use energy 100% from renewable sources


Emissions avoided
thousand tonnes of CO2

avoided thanks to 31 energy efficiency
measures in the area
(Hera and other companies) from 2007 to date


separate waste collection, of which 91% is recycled*
2% of municipal waste in landfills


108 tonnes

of bulky waste collected and re-used


Wastewater Treatment

of urban areas >2,000 pe have achieved compliance 63% of urban areas <2,000 pe (100% by 2021)


of the gas meters are already electronic


employees in the Forlì-Cesena
and 24 hires in 2018


Social inclusion
Euro 13 million

value of bills paid in instalments, 12 thousand households involved

* Excluding green waste

CSV Investments

CSV Case Study


District heating for Universities

We have completed the district heating network that connects the centre of Forlì to the university campus, powered by a trigeneration plant, which simultaneously produces heat, cooling and electricity. The development of district heating in Forlì will avoid 7,277 tonnes of CO2 equivalent to about 73 thousand trees.

WEEE for social purposes

There are 2 work training projects for prisoners in the Forlì prison: “Manolibera” is an artisan paper factory that produces high quality paper objects; under “WEEE in prison” detainees disassemble electronic waste and prepare it for recovery, a sector of the circular economy.

Energy saving measures with LEDs

In 2018, work started for the renovation of public lighting in Forlì. 11,000 light points (about 50% of the total) will be replaced, achieving an energy saving of 2,000 MWh (-47% compared to previous consumption), equal to 837 tonnes of greenhouse gasses not emitted into the atmosphere.


The bases and the organisational levers

Economic value distributed to the Forlì-Cesena , of which:

Euro 121 million
36 million workers
 7 million shareholders
16 million PA
62 million suppliers

552 jobs created (lead-on employment)

A high-quality service… at a lower price.
customer satisfaction index in the Forlì-Cesena area: 71/100

Average yearly expense for waste management for a household* (Source: Cittadinanzattiva)
-19% compared to Italian average
269 Euro in Cesena,
Italian average is 334

Average yearly expense for waste management for non-residential customers**
-52% compared to Italian average (Source: Ref Ricerche)
6.94 Euro/m2 for Cesena,
14.38 Euro/m2 for Italy

* 3 persons in 100 m2

** Hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and food industry