The key numbers of shared value


Smart use of energy

Efficient use of resources

Innovation and contribution to development

Energy efficiency for households and businesses

of customers with energy efficiency services. The quantity is 17,000.


Renewable energy

sources of energy that are renewable and from recovery for district heating
(12,600 toe avoided, equivalent to the consumption of 13,000 households)


Emissions avoided
5 thousand tonnes of CO2

avoided thanks to 75 energy efficiency
measures in the area
since 2017


separate waste collection, of which 90% recycled*
0% of municipal waste in landfills


30 tonnes

of bulky waste collected and re-used


Wastewater Treatment

of urban areas >2,000 pe have achieved compliance 61% of urban areas <2,000 pe (100% by 2021)


of the gas meters installed are electronic


employees in the Ferrara area
and 20 hires in 2018


Social inclusion
Euro 9 million

value of bills paid in instalments, 8 thousand households involved

* Excluding green waste

CSV Investments

CSV Case Study


More geothermal for district heating

In Ferrara, we are in the process of acquiring operation of geothermal wells and we plan to increase their use also for production activities that use energy at low temperatures (e.g. greenhouses). The expected increase of volume served by 2022 is 16%.

Ferrara, a leader for separate waste collection

Quantity-based tariff has bound bills to behaviour. Separate waste collection increased to 87% and the expense for a well-behaving household decreased by about Euro 50. According to the latest report by Legambiente Urban Ecosystem, Ferrara, with its 2018 results, would pass Trento, first in Italy in 2017 with 82%.

6 initiatives for the area with HeraLAB

The new HeraLab model was launched in Ferrara, revised on the basis of the experience started in 2013, with a simpler and more innovation-oriented approach. Made up of 12 representatives of the many local stakeholders, the LAB has designed 6 initiatives jointly with Hera to improve their sustainability profile. The initiatives will be implemented in the 2019-2020 two-year period.


The bases and the organisational levers

Economic value distributed to the Ferrara , of which:

Euro 92 million
30 million workers
3 million shareholders
10 million PA
49 million suppliers

443 jobs created (lead-on employment)

A high-quality service… at a lower price.
customer satisfaction index in the Ferrara area: 71/100

Average yearly expense for waste management for a household* (Source: Cittadinanzattiva)
-26% compared to Italian average
246 Euro in Ferrara,
Italian average is 334

Average yearly expense for waste management for non-residential customers**
-21% compared to Italian average (Source: Ref Ricerche)
11.32 Euro/m2 for Ferrara,
14.38 Euro/m2 for Italy

* 3 persons in 100 m2

** Hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and food industry