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Having partner suppliers for sustainable growth


The Hera Group establishes relationships with suppliers on the basis of the principles of accuracy, fairness and transparency. Acceptance of the Group’s Code of Ethics by suppliers represents one of the selection criteria and becomes an integral part of the contractual relationship.
The supplier selection criteria are based on an evaluation of:

  • the levels of service quality;
  • technical/professional eligibility;
  • respect for the environment and social commitment.

Hera adopts specific procedures that allow supplier performances to be regularly assessed to ensure suppliers continue to meet the necessary requirements to be qualified as a supplier.
In 2008, Hera introduced an e-Procurement software platform to interact with its suppliers. The e-Procurement platform allows Hera to obtain significant advertising and transparency benefits in terms of procurement.


The criteria of the most economically advantageous bid represents the main method for selecting suppliers. Hera intends to further extend the application of this tender award criteria in place of the largest discount criteria.
The Group, consistent with the goal of progressively extending the application of this criterion also to tenders awarded for amounts lower than the EU thresholds, approved an operating instruction in 2009 which identifies the sustainability criteria for the different categories for purchasing goods, services and works, including:

  • the management of atmospheric emissions and noise, the prevention, reuse and recyclability of waste, energy efficiency, the reduction of the dangerousness of substances used, reduction in water consumption (for the environmental respect criterion);
  • the adoption of its own Code of Ethics, recruitment of differently-abled and disadvantaged workers, accident prevention (for the social commitment criterion);
  • the definition of a model for encouraging the generation of ideas by the suppliers within a win-win logic;
  • the quality of materials, construction vehicles and equipment, professional qualifications and skills, technical services and performance (for the service quality criterion).

The main projects in 2016 in this field are targeted at:

  • continue to show preference for the economically most advantageous bid: 100% of the value of public tenders; >70% of the value of total awards in the year; average score reserved for sustainability: 20 out of 100;
  • continue to envisage a social clause in the new tenders for the purpose of ensuring employment continuity in the event of services already outsourced, with exclusion of the cases of insourcing, relating to network emergency response and services relating to the handling of the relationship with the end customer;
  • continue the “SA8000 supplier monitoring plan”.


Page updated 26 July 2017

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