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Consumo responsabileTransition to a circular economyFlora e fauna acquatica Acqua pulitaSustainable management of water resources
Adoption of actions and objectives that promote recycling, reuse and separate waste collection, reducing production of urban waste and packaging and disposal in landfills, and adopting practices to more efficiently use material resources across sectors, also by supporting methods to optimise and improve product and process designImplementing activities to ensure the highest water quality standards, both in urban and in rural areas, and adopting a set of water use efficiency behaviours by defining clear and consistent strategic objectives and by complying with European-level regulatory obligations

Hera Group has defined specific short and medium-term objectives for each impact area of the smart use of energy driver, on the basis of an analysis of the Italian and global scenario. We check and redefine these objectives yearly.

Around 68% of "shared value" EBITDA generated in 2019 (287.9 million euro) is mainly the result of activities and projects that meet the "calls to action" of the 2030 UN Global Agenda for an "efficient use of resources". As regards "Impact Area", the key role played by the Group in creating value with activities related to the transition to a circular economy (183.1 million euro in 2019) and to the sustainable management of water resources (104.5 million euro in 2019) emerges.


Page update 31 July 2020

Sustainability and Shared value
SostenibilitÓ e Valore condiviso
REINVENTING THE CITY Regenerating resources to move to a society based on the circular economy
Together we can make the difference!
Insieme facciamo la differenza!