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4 impact areas
Paritą di genere Istruzione di qualitąSupport for
employment and
new skills
Cittą e comunitą sostenibili Innovazione e infrastrutturePromotion of
innovation and
Buona occupazione e crescita economicaEconomic development and social inclusionCittą e comunitą sostenibiliProtection of air and soil
Creation of new jobs and professional growth opportunities by providing training for new skills, organising training initiatives aimed at young people and creating welfare systemsPromotion of a set of innovative technologies aimed at developing smart cities, the smart grid, creating network infrastructures and developing open data, also thanks to the increase in investments and R&D skillsIncreased investment and incentives to support entrepreneurship and the development of businesses, positively impacting the local area. Initiatives to promote employment for the categories facing hardships, promote their integration and improve the quality of life of people in economic difficultyImplementation of a set of strategies at European level aimed at protecting biodiversity and the natural ecosystem, paying special attention to air and soil, more wisely using chemical products and implementing preventive actions

Hera Group has defined specific short and medium-term objectives for each impact area of the smart use of energy driver, on the basis of an analysis of the Italian and global scenario. We check and redefine these objectives yearly.

In total, the EBITDA for CSV related to the "Innovation and contribution to local development" driver was 82.5 million euro, 14% of the overall EBITDA for CSV.

With regard to the "spreading of innovation and digitalisation", shared value was achieved also through telecommunication services, via the Acantho company, and through projects for the digitalisation of operational and data analysis processes with a view to their optimisation. "Economic development and social inclusion" was especially achieved through generated employment and the outsourcing of environmental services to social cooperatives. This allows disadvantaged individuals to be employed and also leads to economic benefits for the Public Administration (lower welfare costs). Lastly, in terms of "air and soil protection", the purchase of vehicles with a lower environmental impact and the expansion of the volume served by district heating were privileged.


Page update 31 July 2020

Sustainability and Shared value
Sostenibilitą e Valore condiviso
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