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2011 Sustainability Report presentation conference

The Hera Group’s 2011 Sustainability Report was presented to stakeholders on 11 May 2012, in Bologna, at the Teatro Arena del Sole, continuing with the event which has, for 6 years, been an important opportunity for meetings and dialogue on the commitments undertaken, the results achieved and future prospects.

In fact, the business model Hera adopts to produce added value and positive effects for the community, the environment and the area in which it operates is a result of dialogue with stakeholders.

The esteemed guest of the convention, which had 450 participants, was Nobel Prize winner Amartya Sen, one of the foremost scholars in the world of welfare economics and ethics-economy relations. Professor Sen helped to create the human development index, an alternative indicator to GDP, which measures a country’s development, including parameters such as the literacy rate, level of democracy, education, freedom of access to the media, health assistance, life expectancy and income distribution. He chaired the “Commissione sulla misurazione della performance economica e del progresso sociale” (“Commission on the measurement of economic performance and social progress”) (better known as the “Stiglitz Commission”), and along with J. P. Fitoussi and J. E. Stiglitz, oversaw its final report.
The convention saw an introduction by the mayor of Bologna Virginio Merola and round-table discussions involving the various Hera stakeholders.

Sustainability and Shared value
Sostenibilitŕ e Valore condiviso
REINVENTING THE CITY Regenerating resources to move to a society based on the circular economy
Together we can make the difference!
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