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2010 Sustainability Report presentation conference

2010 Sustainability Report presentation

In Modena on May 18 the Hera Group presented its 2010 Sustainability Report to stakeholders, updating the event that for 5 years now has represented an important opportunity for meeting and discussing commitments made, results achieved and its outlook for the future.

The dialogue with its stakeholders has given rise to the business model that guides Hera in creating added value and positive effects on the community, environment and area where it operates: 1,010.4 million euros of wealth produced and distributed to corporate stakeholders or 1.6 billion euros if the economic value of supplies is included.

One of the guests at the meeting was Jean-Paul Fitoussi, a French economist and professor of economics at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques in Paris and at the LUISS in Rome, who coordinated the commission’s work focused on measuring economic performance and social progress.

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Following the opening remarks by the Chairman of Hera S.p.A., Tomaso Tommasi di Vignano, and the welcome by the mayor of Modena, Giorgio Pighi, the participants included the following: Filippo Bocchi, Corporate Director of Social Responsibility for the Hera Group and Giorgio Razzoli, Vice Chairman of Hera S.p.A. and Chairman of the Ethics Committee for Hera S.p.A..

Filippo Bocchi described the principal contents of the 2010 Sustainability Report while Giorgio Razzoli concentrated on the implementation of the Code of Ethics in Hera, just a few months following the approval of the new revised document, and the role of the Ethics Committee  in spreading and implementing its contents.

The presentation by professor Jean-Paul Fotoussi instead focused on the relations between sustainability, national wealth indicators and the causes of the recent economic crisis. The economic crises, still underway, explained Fitoussi, was certainly generated by financial factors but the most structural cause was the growth of inequality within principal economies worldwide. It is thus crucial to identify tools for measuring sustainability that are able to understand and manage trends in the use of social, human and environmental capital. According to the professor, Hera's Sustainability Report provides a practical consideration of these factors.

The round table, moderated by Marina Valerio, a journalist for Class CNBC, included contributions from Sergio Cofferati, member of the European Parliament, Matteo Colaninno, member of Parliament and entrepreneur, Marco Frey, professor of business economics at the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna in Pisa and Chairman of the Global Compact Network Italia, Antonio Massarutto, professor of public economics at the University of Udine and Gian Carlo Muzzarelli, Councillor for productive activities, the energy plan and sustainable development, green economics, construction and single integrated Emilia-Romagna region authorisation.

The day came to a close with Hera's Chief Executive Officer, Maurizio Chiarini, emphasising how the Group's strategy combines the creation of value for shareholders with the economic and social progress of the areas where the company operates.

The Group's Sustainability Report will also be presented during local events taking place in June.

Greenhouse gas emissions from the event were neutralized thanks to the support of Indica Neutral.

The event was held following the guidelines of Spreco Zero, a Last Minute Market brand that "certifies" the adoption of a series of tools, procedures and control systems that ensure the rational and efficient use of resources and waste management defined by the principles of prevention, reuse and the recycling of materials.


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