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Projects underway

The Hera Group develops numerous projects and initiatives through which it carries out its social responsibility policies.

Here are some of the projects currently underway:

  • Launched in November 2012 and relaunched in June 2015, the "Get rid of bills. Give a tree to your city" campaign involved planting 1 tree for every 50 users that chose online billing, in areas identified by the municipalities that participated in Hera’s initiative.

  • LAB is the acronym of Local Advisory Board. Our LABs are the means that Hera provides to the areas in which it operates as structured channels for listening to, and discussing with local communities.

  • During 2016, Hera continued to implement the city centre separate waste collection project, consisting in the construction of mini underground drop-off points for glass and organic waste, and simultaneously starting door-to-door separate waste collection district by district, and other collateral actions such as custom collection for businesses, separately collecting crates (wood and plastic), plastic packaging, paper non-separated waste and to upgrade existing underground drop-off points for disposal of cardboard and non-separated waste.

  • The Optimised Seawater Protection Plan aims to eliminate swimming bans in public waters and reduce thepollution impact measured in COD by 90% by 2020, by 11 measures worth an overall investment of over Euro 160 million.

Sustainability and Shared value
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