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The Rifiutologo app "learns to speak", thanks to Alexa

Hera’s app il Rifiutologo, downloaded over 400 thousand times by those who want to be sure of appropriately sorting recycling waste, becomes even more user friendly and, thanks to Alexa, the artificial intelligence created by Amazon, literally “learns to speak". In fact, the Rifiutologo can be added to the Alexa app, which will translate into vocal messages the basic information on the collection service provided by the Hera Group in its municipality.

The functionalities activated in the first version, already operational, allow Alexa to answer all the questions on the door-to-door collection schedule of the week or produce vocal answers related to sorted waste disposal.

The interaction between Alexa and the Rifiutologo represents an advanced tool for the creation of shared value, promoting the respect for the environment, the improvement of separate waste collection and above all enhancing inclusion, as it allows an agile use of the Rifiutologo also among people with disabilities.

Sustainability and Shared value
Sostenibilità e Valore condiviso
REINVENTING THE CITY Regenerating resources to move to a society based on the circular economy
Together we can make the difference!
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