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Sustainability Report approved

The 2019 Sustainability Report was approved. The sustainability report was drafted during the health emergency caused by the spread of the Coronavirus in our country and reaffirms the innovative representation of its content, focused on our new strategic approach: Creating shared value (CSV).

The report adopts in advance the new GRI Standards concerning water consumption and health and safety on the workplace, gives an account of the environmental benefits coming from investments financed with the Green Bond issued in 2019, and includes new information such as a description of the actions undertaken to prevent and manage risks in the areas of IT and corruption.

Moreover, we have launched a workgroup whose purpose is to adopt the recommendations provided by the Financial Stability Board’s Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosure, to which we have decided to give our support. The report already contains a few improvements in this area, such as the increased amount of reporting concerning direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions.

The sustainability report will be available online from 24 April.

Sustainability and Shared value
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